Jessica Nuzzo

Board of Health Chairman Dr. Randy Stevens said he has resigned from the board, effective after the meeting.

Pictured from left to right is Mercer County Health Department Administrator Susan Kadar and Mercer County Health Officer Kathy Wides

Two people were injured Monday following a collision between a tank truck and a Jeep on Interstate 77 in Mercer County. The crash occurred in …

No injuries were reported Tuesday after a tractor trailer jackknifed on Interstate 77 near Princeton


On any given day, a Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputy could be working as a bailiff in the court system, working with a K-9 unit to track down a criminal or patrolling the roads. Every day is different, and that is what Lieutenant Jesse Ruble, Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, appreciates about his department.

Elizabeth Haway, 43, of Princeton was brought before Mercer County Circuit Court Judge William Sadler for sentencing. Haway pleaded guilty in …

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