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The area around Larry Case's observation rock on the New River Gorge in Fayette County, West Virginia is now closed to hunting and he supposes it always will be. It wasn’t always like this.

We are in the second week of the deer firearms season here in the Mountain State and the serious hunters got some snow on the ground that they have been waiting for.  It's a good time to hunt ... and a good time to remember our first deer.

Black bear encounters are becoming more common in our region. It's good to learn something about bears' body language to help prevent these encounters from becoming nasty.

In spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we’re pleased to report that Friday’s edition of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph will include a full-color specialty sports publication we have managed to keep going — the BDT 2020 Football Fall Blitz 

For the hunters the first significant thing that will happen next is dove season. Most states will open this season during the first week of September.

Teachers — and coaches, after all, teachers are what coaches are — are meant to empower and inspire, to light fires within those who come under their guidance and, yes, spell.

Covering high school sports one becomes accustomed to a natural seasonal rhythm. 

The problem of the 2020-21 sports cycle is that thanks to COVID-19, everything is chaos from day one. 

We need our sports – not at the expense of risking lives, which creates a terrible predicament for those who run the sports and work in medicine — but we need a distraction, a stimulant, entertainment and something to marvel at.

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