CHARLESTON — While WVSSAC’ mandates for physical distancing in cheer don’t seem controversial, the decision to disallow stunting for the entire year, including competitions and games, isn’t a cheerleader favorite.

Stunting — which includes pyramids and other partner stunts — is one of the more acrobatic aspects of the sport.

The scoresheet for competitive cheer to reflect the ban on stunting. The elimination of 10 points for partner stunts and pyramids will be offset by the addition of 5 points for jumps, an increase in dance fro 8 to 10 points and an increase in tumbling from 7 to 10 points.

The open portion of regional and state competitions will be reduced to a maximum of two minutes. Technical cheer remains the same.

In general, the WVSSAC has dictated that cheerleaders are to be appropriately spaced on courts, fields and sidelines to ensure proper physical distancing.

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