MONTCALM — Call it a case of deja vu all over again. Being honored for her play on the hardwood is nothing unusual for Montcalm’s Eva Grose.

“She’s had an excellent career, she’s been player of the week at least one time every year that she’s been here,” Montcalm head coach Jimmy McPherson said. “She averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds as a freshman, so that was her coming out party and everybody has kind of geared their defenses toward her since then.”

It hasn’t worked very often. Gross, who has helped Montcalm to a 40-12 record in two-plus years as a starter, is this week’s recipient of the Pocahontas Coal Association/Bluefield Daily Telegraph girls basketball player of the week award.

The 5-foot-11 Grose, who won the award as a freshman and sophomore, collected 59 points, 30 rebounds, nine steals, six assists and five blocks last week for the Generals. All that was nice, but all she wanted was the wins. She got three of them.

“I don’t care, I’m not a ball hog or nothing like that, I just want to win, it’s fine if someone else is scoring,” said Grose, whose been playing basketball for eight years. “I just go out there and play, I don’t really worry about anything, whatever (coach) tells us to do, I try to do it.

“I just enjoy playing basketball. I just go with instincts and my team works with me.”

Montcalm (5-2) is coming off its first Class A state tournament appearance in nearly three decades. Grose was a big reason why, contributing 17 points and 11 rebounds a game for the Generals. The soft-spoken junior thinks they have chance to get back to Charleston again.

“We had a good team last year, we all played well together, and I guess we’ve just built up on that this year,” Grose said. “It just feels good to win.”

Led by the inside play of Grose and the outside shooting of Sheena Johnson, the Generals rolled to wins last week against Graham, Mercer Christian and Iaeger. Grose tallied 23 points against MCA and finished off the week with 26 points and 13 boards against Iaeger.

“She’s had a solid career for us, we pleased to have her,” McPherson said. “She’s worked on her game hard and she’s developed. She uses her left hand a lot better now than she did in the ninth grade and she has extended her range.

“She can step out and hit the 3. We don’t use her in that capacity much, but she is capable of doing that. She’s a great all-around player. She’s unselfish, she tries to get everybody involved, and all she cares about is winning.”

Grose has started since her freshman campaign. Sometimes it was hard to tell she was just a youngster, but Grose would have to remind McPherson every now and then.

“I think I handled it well, sometimes the coach would get riled up at me or something and I would tell him, ‘I’m just a freshman, give me time’,” Grose said. “He backed off of me a little bit, but now the pressure is back on.”

And, she’s handled it just fine. Grose, who has recorded 19 points and 10 boards a game this season, has helped take a team from one of the smallest schools in West Virginia and made them a contender on the court. Grose has no desire to be at a bigger school.

“I like Montcalm because you know everybody and you don’t really have to worry about living up to something you won’t be able to match,” Grose said. “You challenge yourself to perform better and do better.”

“She has progressed wonderfully, the first time I saw her she was a gangly little eighth grader and she’s grown a little bit since then,” added McPherson. “She’s just a great student, and a great work ethic has allowed her to progress as a person and a player.

“We’re just tickled to death to have her. She’s starting to get looked at by a few colleges so if she can continue to progress this year and next year I’m sure she’ll get to continue her career after high school.”

If that happens, that’s fine with Grose. Her reasons for playing, though, are pretty simple.

“I just like playing it,” she said.

Honorable Mention:

Sheena Johnson, Montcalm: Nine points in 56-25 win against Iaeger on Dec. 22; 19 points in 57-31 win over Mercer Christian on Dec. 21; 20 points in 46-41 win over Graham on Dec. 19.

Whitney Muncey, Tazewell: 22 points, six rebounds in 59-57 overtime win over Carroll County on Dec. 21; 12 points in 51-47 loss to Bland County on Dec. 19. Allison Hunter scored 12 points against Carroll County, 10 points at Bland County; Zachlynn Blackburn collected eight points and 12 rebounds in win over the Cavaliers; Samantha Shepherd tallied 13 points in loss to Bears.

Aeisha DeWitt, Bluefield: Scored 13 points in 61-41 win over Graham on Dec. 22; Added 12 points in 63-33 win over Mercer Christian on Dec. 19; Kathleen Bailey tallied 11 points against the G-Girls, and 14 in win over the Cavaliers; Aprylle Buford scored 13 points against Graham; Stephanie Wallace tallied nine points against the G-Girls, and 11 points against MCA.

Laken Coburn, PikeView: Scored 25 point and collected two assists in 53-48 win over Midland Trail on Dec. 20; Added 18 points and six assists in 48-40 win Dec. 19 against Independence; Trista Thomas contributed six points, 13 rebounds and three steals against Midland Trail, and added nine points and in boards in win over Independence. Lindsay Rumberg scored nine points in wins against Midland Trail and Independence.

Hannah Lawrence, Mercer Christian: Scored 11 points in loss to Montcalm on Dec. 21; Tallied 13 points in loss to Bluefield on Dec. 19; Ariel Schulte scored nine points against the Generals and eight in loss to the Beavers.

Kathleen Bourne, Graham: Scored 54 points in three losses for the G-Girls. Scored 11 points in a 46-41 loss to Montcalm on Dec. 19; Tossed in 27 in a 49-41 defeat at Virginia High on Dec. 20; Scored 16 points in 61-41 loss to Bluefield on Dec. 22; Amber Carbaugh scored 14 points in loss to Montcalm; Whitney Bennett tallied 10 points against the Generals and nine in loss to Beavers.

Tonya Wright, Bland County: Ripped the nets for 31 points in Dec. 19 51-47 win over Tazewell; Kendall Stuart contributed six points and eight boards in win over the Bulldogs, while Kayla Kennedy tossed in nine points.

Ashley Tiller, Big Creek: Scored 17 points in a 52-45 loss to Big Creek on Dec. 21; Tallied 14 points in 61-38 win over Gilbert on Dec. 20; Whitney Koboski scored 17 points against Gilbert, while Stephanie Hutchinson added 14.

Kayla Muncy, Iaeger; Scored 11 points in a 56-25 loss to Montcalm on Dec. 22.

Susanna Jennings: Pocahontas: Her 14 points led the Indians to their first win in nearly two years, a 52-45 win over Big Creek on Dec. 21; Ami Salyers added 13 points in that game, while Sarah Webb had 10 and Kristen Shupe tossed in nine.

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