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A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring saying colleges can require students to take the COVID-19 vaccine:

• This is no different than the public schools requiring children to be vaccinated for measles, whooping cough and other deadly communicable diseases before they enter school — Annette B.

• This is wrong! I got vaccine but I think it’s up to the person if they want it now — Jessica B.

• Ridiculous bunch of Democrats — Carolyn T.

On a story about West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announcing he will give a $100 savings bond or check to those individuals aged 16 to 35 who take the COVID-19 vaccine:

• Many who have not taken the vaccine don’t intend to. This type of stunt should really alarm everyone. Ridiculous! — Tonya B.

• Perhaps those that have taken the vaccine took it for the right reason — their own protection — Linda M.

• I can’t even believe this is legal everywhere you turn bribery for the vaccine. Wow. Makes me want it even less — Amanda M.

• Humm I was 35 when I got the first dose but I was 36 when I got the second dose. So the question is do I get a $50 bond? — Jon W.

On a story about West Virginia likely losing a U.S. House seat due to population declines between 2010 and 2020:

• There were many people who were not counted during the census. So many people in this area didn’t participate in the census. The first thing a new business does before coming into the area is check the population. The same thing for grants and other monies that come to our county — Sandy S.

• While I am sorry we are going to lose a seat it is more than time for a change and maybe this will make a change and we desperately need new blood in many areas. So maybe this will “force” some desperately needed changes — Charles B.

On a story about U.S. Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin voting against President Joe Biden’s EPA administrator nominee:

• It’s nice to see politicians voting for the interests of their constituency — Bill C.

• I’ve never voted for Joe even when running for governor — Mike D.

• And people wonder why over 60,000 people have turned their backs on West Virginia and why it comes in last place on anything good and first place on everything bad in this country  — Dwight F.

On a story about a D.C. statehood vote being approved by House Democrats: 

• Yes, population is larger than several states, and statehood would not include the White House, Capitol complex, etc. Unfair that so many U.S. citizens have no representation — Mimi M.

• No. It should be moved out in (the) middle of the ocean and let it be a continent on its own! They can’t run this country. So maybe they can become a communist state alone — Shannon R.

• Hell No, make it another country, ban it from the USA. Let them have to produce something of worth to survive — Arnold F.

• At the very minimum, D.C. needs representation in both houses of Congress. Especially considering that it has more residents than Wyoming or Vermont. “No taxation without representation!” Honestly, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be considered a state — Rachel S.

• No. It’s supposed to be a neutral ground — Bonnie H.

On a story about President Biden declaring climate change is an opportunity to remake the global economy:

• One report stated that it takes 7000 watts of electricity to charge one personal electric vehicle each day. Multiply that by the hundreds of millions of autos just in the USA, then add the greater amount it would take to charge commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers, delivery vehicles, taxies, farm equipment and oh yes, airplanes. Then we still have to heat, cool, light our homes and cook our food. Then there are the hospitals that need power to sustain life. Just how many windmills and solar fields will it take to replace the power we now get from fossil fuels and get it done in just a few years — Carl T.

• What about jobs in manufacturing? Why is that not being addressed? Many large manufacturers in the past generated their own electricity with coal fired electricity. Since some were able to switch to natural gas, what are they to do when natural gas is no longer acceptable? — Bill C.

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