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A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Americans quitting their jobs at a record pace for the second consecutive month in September:

• When you give ultimatums you might not like what your workers choose — Deno C.

• More bad news for America under Biden/Harris/Dems! — Sue C.

• Quit or forced out? — Chrystal H.

• Start paying a living wage. No one should have to work two to three jobs to exist — Karen C.

• They’re going to have to pay better to keep up. Cut upper management and ownership profits — Brandon D.

On a story about the West Virginia Public Service Commission holding a public hearing in Bluefield next month on a water rate increase sought by West Virginia American Water Company:

• They could care less about the struggles of people and the fact that many families are doing without. They are going to raise the price. We the people actually have no say in the matter — Amy G.

• They don’t care. They will get whatever they ask for. They are never told no — Kat L.

• They’re going to do exactly what they please until enough people stands against all this nonsense and puts a stop to it! — Abigail S.

On a story about how the federal infrastructure bill will help West Virginia:

• We need accountability on how these millions of dollars are spent. On what, where and with whom — Deb McC.

• We will see if promises made are promises kept — Pat S.

• Everyone knows West Virginia ends at Beckley, and Virginia ends at Roanoke — Dusty McK.

• And they smile and take credit for the bill that 13 Republican representatives are being punished and threatened for giving it their vote — Frances C.

• Across the country we are in desperate need of paying our debt. Little of which the Mountain State didn’t create or revive — Ken P.

• I’m one of the West Virginians without broadband, because Suddenlink refuses to run it the 400 feet from the junction box to my house! — Neal V.

On a story about Bluefield State College confirming that incorrect booster vaccine dosages also were administered to nine staff members:

• Mercer County Board of Health, now BSC? Just read an article that a bunch of kids in another part of the country received the wrong dose as well — Gina B.

• This is what happens when people are forced and shamed to take something they do not feel comfortable with — Justin J.

• Many of the booster studies used full rather than half doses. It’s more a waste of vaccine than potential harm to those receiving it — Jamie E.

On a story about more than $150,000 in unclaimed property being returned to the family of a late McDowell County teacher:

• This is so wonderful! Ms. Handy was a member of the staff at Berwind Elementary when I was a kid and was a coworker of my sister for many years. She was one of the sweetest people I knew — Michelle W.

• I remember Ms. Handy, she was a good teacher! — Beverly R.

• I wonder why it took more than four years to do this? — Chuck W.

On a story about Coach Fuente being out at Virginia Tech after six seasons:

• The West Virginia dude should be next! — Larry T.

• Couldn’t they just switch coaches with WVU? — Bill S.

On a story about 12 states, including West Virginia, filing another federal lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates:

• Good, about time. We aren’t against vaccines or masks but it should be an adult’s choice. For minors it should be up to the parents/guardians — Lonna A.

• Don’t fire unvaccinated workers, so their residents and co-workers can get infected. Doesn’t make sense. It’s like taking your car to a mechanic and he/she puts on defective parts? — Bill S.

On a story about only fully vaccinated people being allowed in Times Square this year for New Year’s Eve:

• Jesus is my vaccine. I will not live in fear... — Tina L.

• Vendors will be selling fake vaccine cards like crazy — Bill S.

On a story about President Joe Biden pushing charging stations for electric vehicles as a way to combat climate change:

• Electricity comes from coal-fired plants. There’s not enough windmills to do the job — Carolyn T.

• If global warming was such an existential threat to our country like he has stated over and over and over again, why did he fall asleep (for the whole world to see) during last week’s climate summit from Scotland! — Larry T.

• When will this stupid nightmare be over? — Dave B.

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