Letter to the editor

Soon-to-be former President Trump has every right to pursue legal avenues over legitimate concerns about voting irregularities. But Trump shouldn’t be allowed to publicly denounce our democracy and the legitimacy of an election. Our president and his supporters should show their evidence and prove their case in court without all of the disinformation and degradation of voters and election officials. Trump’s team has already lost more than a dozen voter fraud lawsuits.

Candidate Trump entered the race for the 2016 presidential contest using the birther conspiracy theory about former President Obama. He has embraced or re-tweeted numerous conspiracies during his presidency including most recently that our military faked the killing of Bin Laden. He has embraced the conspiracy organization Q-anon. Is anyone surprised he would encourage voter fraud conspiracies and destroy the White House, Pentagon, and our democracy to get what he wants?

Consider that our elections are not federally operated, but ran by local officials in counties across states nationwide with duties shared by Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike: Americans doing their part for democracy. Biden won in Democratic-led states, and Republican controlled states also. In Georgia and Nevada, Republicans have turned on their own elected Republican officials because those election officials rebuke the president’s claims of fraud. So let’s take a broader view. Trump and his enablers are claiming Democrats and Republicans conspired together in multiple states to defeat Trump while allowing Republicans to win other races on the same contested ballots. Unlikely if not impossible!

There can never be unification of our country as long as (Daily Telegraph columnist James H. “Smokey”) Shott and Trump and those like-minded play their divisive zero sum game politics. On Nov. 3, Shott wrote, “If the Democrats sweep the election and control Congress and the administration, and implement the changes to which many subscribe, it will kill the United States of America.” Kill America? What may literally kill this country is the failure of Trump to allow the peaceful transition of power. Preventing President-elect Biden from preparing to become our commander-in-chief and protect our country jeopardizes national security. All of this while Trump lashes out and fires the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, and removes top Pentagon officials. Trump’s buddies, Putin and Kim Jung-un couldn’t write a better play book if they decide to commit evil deeds against our country in chaos.

Killing America? Trump and Shott promoted taking hydroxychloroquine and downplayed masks and social distancing while respected medical professionals urged citizens to wait for the drug to be tested against the coronavirus, wearing masks and social distancing. What did the drug get our president? It got Trump a helicopter ride to Walter Reed where a team of doctors provided him proven therapeutics to overcome COVID. No mention of hydroxychloroquine. If someone you loved bought into the drug sham and died taking it, there’s a lawsuit that will hold more water than Trump’s phony voter fraud claims.

It is sad that Democrats and Republicans, notably Shott and Trump, can’t accept that political parties may have a different vision for America, but we all want our democracy to survive. Is Trump so addicted to power he would betray the very country he has sworn to protect?

If Trump continues to foment hatred and division that leads to violence of Americans against Americans, the 25th amendment of the Constitution may have to be invoked.

Maybe one way to get Trump to concede he lost the election and heal his bruised ego is to give him a participation trophy. Go ahead President Trump and have your last fling with spineless GOP leaders unwilling to speak truth to power, and enjoy the biggest conspiracy of your life (voter fraud) and in the end remember your words on “The Apprentice.” Mr. Trump, you are fired.

Don V. Hylton

Bluefield VA

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