Letter to the editor

A pair of Esquires urged readers in a letter to the editor on September 30 to “Vote yes on relocating the Confederate Statue” at the courthouse in Tazewell. They suggest that the statue was “mass produced to satisfy the need of woman’s groups to romanticize the lost cause” of the Civil war presumably. A rather snarky opinion at best. They suggest replacing it with one that honors veterans of Vietnam, Korea, World Wars one and two, and other wars.

We notice the celebrated recent trend to tear down statues and monuments that displease one group or another. They even tore down one of Frederick Douglas, one of the greatest men and champion of racial justice and equality in our history, and want to destroy one of Lincoln! One wonders if the folks who did the destruction even knew who they were, in their minds, disparaging.

I would suggest that we will never satisfy everyone. Times change. The relics and opinion of history of things change. Not everybody celebrates the Vietnam, Korean, or World Wars One and Two. Or any other of the innumerable foolish wars through time. But like artifacts in a museum, the facts of history don’t change, only opinions concerning the facts.

Communist countries are notable for erasing history to suit the dictator and official edicts of the moment. Many citizens now suspect, noticing the opinions and demands of present politics, that we are heading in that direction. Others are hoping that free enterprise and freedom of opinion, practically unique to this country, will survive. In which case, leave history alone.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va.

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