Letter to the editor

I would like to commend the 1-150th on their dedication to our country, on their deployment and return from active duty!

I, myself, was a member of the 150ths Armed Cavalry in 1961. We were called to active duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis and served in the years 1961-1962.

Not only are these Patriots of today and yesterday to be recognized for their service and dedication to the call of arms to protect our country, their families need to be commended for their sacrifice as well.

I am well aware of their love for our country and our freedom to live in a land free from aggression and a democracy for all. I am now 81 years old, but well remember leaving a wife of one year and a 17 day old son to put on the uniform of my country! The majority of these fine soldiers that served during 1961-1962 are now gone, but are still remembered by those remaining like my pal SSgt. Harry Comer, Buck Sargent Donald Dye as I’m sure all the remaining ones still around.

God bless America and God Bless the United States of America!

SP4-E4 William Fred Yost, 

Bluefield, Va.

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