A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On Tammie Toler’s return to the Princeton Times:

• God is good! — Pat H.

• Blessed! — Margie B.

• Sweet! — Janet W.

• Wow ... God is good! Welcome back, Tammie — Ann K.

• Wonderful news! — Jim B.

• Amen, thank you Jesus. God bless. Glad you are back. That is awesome — Mary W.

• That’s great! — Lisa D.

• Beautiful lady inside and out. So glad to hear — Tina B.

• Glad you’re back to work. You look wonderful and happy! Prayers always for you! — Linda S.

On whether good manners are becoming a thing of the past:

• Not with everyone — Renee S.

• Good manners are still around! All is not lost! — Patty B.

On West Virginia offering “In God We Trust” specialty license plates:

• That is absolutely awesome. Other states should take a stand and do the same as well — Renee S.

• I have had a Virginia tag with it on for quite a while ... love it! — Janie P.

• I have a Florida one! — Patricia S.

• I will be getting one! — Harris S.

On a man charged with use of minors in filming sexual explicit conduct:

• Put him under the jail — Drema L.

• Idiot — Mike R.

On whether baseball players are paid too much:

• Yes, and football and basketball players to! — Josh P.

On McDonald’s employees at stores owned by the company receiving pay increases:

• ... Sadly this will not apply to those who work in the franchise owned McDonald’s. It is a start but communities and workers at franchise owned McDonald’s still need to demand a living wage — Michelle M.

• As this matter develops it is becoming more apparent that the matter of paying a living wage comes in conflict with the employer’s desire for huge profits ... — Bill S.

• The fact that such a wildly profitable company has paid its workers so poorly over the years shows a lot about its character. I think the only reason they’re doing this now is that public opinion has dragged them kicking and screaming to the gangplank of the Good Ship Decency, and they know they’ll start getting a worse reputation, which could ultimately hurt profits, if they don’t get on board ... — Tim K.

On a naked woman trying to rob a West Virginia store, and asking to be jailed:

• When you think you have heard it all! — Kevin J.

• I guess it’s OK to say she didn’t have a concealed weapon. Lol — Jeffrey M.

• I’m guessing she wasn’t smokin’ hot — Andy E.

On Pizza Plus helping the community in memory of Dean and Valerie Looney:

• This is good because they were devoted to their granddaughters — Roberta A.

On the sentencing of a Mercer County man on child pornography charges:

• ... This is so messed up. Makes me so mad ’cause there are a lot of these cases turning up — Chrissy S.

• Wow ... — Danielle F.

• Um, I am deeply troubled because we are turning these sick (expletive deleted) back out into the streets — Sunshine G.

• This is so sick, and they’re releasing people like this because they say they’re no threat — said they’re nonviolent offenders, what ... is wrong with our court systems? — Rebecca F.

On the parents of Noah Thomas being charged with neglect:

• Neglect of a innocent child that had no say in his life! Parents like this should never be allowed to ever have another child, and hopefully the other one is safe! I feel sorry for this couple’s parents and siblings! They are the ones hurting! Noah is resting peacefully in his Heavenly Home! — Diane H.

• If they did, and I think they did, then put ’em in the ground — Laura S.

• I’ve been saying that they need to look at the parents ... — Stefanie B.

• If they don’t want their kids, there are plenty of people who would adopt them — Bill S.

On a poll question asking your opinion of President Obama’s proposed nuclear agreement with Iran:

• I find everything the man does suspect for our country’s well being — Ed M.

• Obama is clueless if he actually thinks he has accomplished anything with Iran. They will never follow through on their agreement. They still want death to Americans and Israel! — Joseph K.

On a wheelchair-bound man being sexually assaulted in McDowell County:

• Sick — Lisa B.

• Wow, did I read that right? — Joe M.

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