A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On Bluefield’s Clean Sweep campaign:

• Wish Princeton would do this — Sharon B.

On if you have ever been on a diet that worked:

• Yes! It’s called exercise to burn the calories off that you intake — Marja M.

On President Obama saying climate change is hazardous to your health:

• Obama is hazard to my health! — Joseph K.

• No, scientists say that, and the president is capable of repeating the findings of a report — Paul P.

On former Senator Truman Chafin’s expense filing prompting a change in the process:

• The waste in Charleston, like Washington, is unreal. One would think that men and women of character and integrity would conduct themselves in a more productive manner — Preston W.

On marijuana plants and a growing system found in a house in Welch:

• Growing plants is sophisticated these days. Wake up people ... — Sean F.

• Why do you think they call it Hemphill? — Christopher V.

• They get arrested in West Virginia, but in Colorado they are considered business owners — Janis D.

• Growing marijuana? Oh no! Lock these people up, and throw away the key! — Petey P.

• Shouldn’t be against the law, it’s a dang plant! Go after the pill doctor hopping idiots! — Angel H.

On concerns about students crossing Stafford Drive in Princeton, and what you think the solution is:

• For one, the school should expand the parking lot so kids don’t have to park at Roses — Missy W.

• They should also be worried about the students crossing Mineral Springs Road on Eads Mill going to Pikeview ... — Michaella R.

• Build a walking bridge across the road, lots of places have them ... — Mary H.

• Those that park at Roses are actually parked illegally, start having the cars towed to discourage parking there ... — Samuel B.

• Use the police to direct traffic twice a day — Cathy S.

• Hire a crossing guard? People need work anyway in Mercer County ... — Christopher R.

• Traffic is just plain bad in Princeton, almost got creamed three times just going to my mail box — Harold O.

• Crosswalk and crossing guards. Also, enforce the speed limit for school zone — Rhesa S.

• A cross bridge over top of the street — Twinkie W.

• Pedestrian bridge — Tammy R.

On a tractor trailer flipping after GPS sent the driver up a narrow road, and readers’ GPS horror stories:

• This happens a bit too often with drivers who don’t know the terrain and follow GPS directions ... — Louisa M.

• I never trusted those GPSs — Kim S.

• Right below the house, there’s a clear “No truck turn around” sign posted a half mile before where this occurred — Cody G.

• Well at least I got that road nice and clean before that happened — “Love Where You Live” — “Keep Mercer Clean” — Dave H.

• GPS gets it wrong a lot — Jo B.

• GPS sends truckers to Saint Clair Street in Pocahontas, Va., instead of Saint Clair Crossing in Bluefield, Va., at least twice a week. Makes it hard on the 18-wheelers — Debbie W.

• On my honeymoon seven years ago, our GPS tried to take our car across a ferry route. Obviously we had to back track and it was the middle of the night. Ugh! — Carissa M.

• The wrecker business loves GPS — John M.

• My Tom Tom says turn right when I see the interstate sign is definitely on the left, lol ... Sorry this happened for this driver — Lilly C.

• I hate GPS — Janis D.

• Our GPS almost had us in the Kanawha River once when we were trying to locate a motel. It was dark and we almost drove right into the river on a boating ramp! We can laugh about it now, but at the time my husband was not amused — Christy J.

• Trust but verify! — Dan R.

On a story about the first female NFL official:

• Hell yeah! — Samantha C.

• Just wondering if she’s getting paid the same as the men — Kim R.

On a story about troopers temporarily stopping traffic on U.S. Route 460 so a bear could cross the road:

• Yikes! — Charlene L.

• Omg — Brenda C.

• Wild, wonderful, West Virginia! — Reba G.

• But ... WHY did the bear cross the road? — Phillip S.

• So sweet ... — Debbie S.

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