Trash, trash, trash. It makes me mad, mad, mad. So let’s talk about it. Just to be sure we’re on the same page, the dictionary defines trash as a noun as something worth little or nothing. As a verb it means to devalue, throw away or vandalize. So when we trash something we’re deeming it of little value or worthless.

The un-American psyche trashes babies, both born and unborn, and marriage. It trashes our first legal document as a nation, the Declaration of Independence and its succeeding documents, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. One might as well say the un-American psyche is brazen enough to trash God because God is responsible for all of the above and is specifically named four times in the Declaration of Independence and for that matter, in every state constitution. Such a mindset was found soon after creation when Satan directly contradicted God’s Word. Since then Satan has done all in his limited power to undermine the many wonderful things God has done. The apostle Paul has some unflattering words for these people in Rom 1: Rom 1:22-23 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools. (TLT) Psalm 2:4 tells God’s reaction: The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. (NIV)

With such a mindset against traditional American values it’s very easy and seemingly inconsequential to bury the beautiful landscape of the two Virginias with litter and other debris. The tax payers of West Virginia spend more than $1 million annually to remove litter from state highways and Virginia pays a whopping $25 million. Incalculable is the damage done to: our natural beauty, wildlife, economic development prospects and the risks to motorists and bikers. The items most often found during litter cleanups are fast-food wrappers. The second-most-often found items are aluminum beer cans, followed very closely by soda cans.

Hopefully an ordinance passed by the Mercer County Commission is helpful in dealing with cleanup, but the challenge remains, the trash just goes right back on our highways and countryside. The mindset must be changed and it must begin with the children. And the choir said, “Amen,” because that’s probably who I’m preaching to. I doubt those who litter even read a paper and shame on them if they do after all that is printed about the matter. I know teachers have their hands full but just maybe they could work something in about litter. The students could start by keeping their school grounds and buses free of litter and not throwing it out the windows. Let’s make our states shine.

Gregory Whitlow


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