A recent letter to the editor making a vague comparison of the TEA party (Taxed Enough Already) to Nazis because of “ultra conservatism and super patriotism” (whatever that means) deserves a clear response. Apples are red. My car is red. My car is an apple. The erosion of what American values and patriotism truly mean has reached a point where words simply have no meaning any more. When there are no longer standards to what words mean then there are no standards. Period!

I’ve served in the military and taught high school. That’s been my whole life since I was 18 years old.  Pushing 55 now (I think), I believe I can speak from experience and the lessons learned from history when I say that it’s time we take over! That’s right. Take over our families and teach our kids what we learned the hard way (your responsibility as a parent). Take over our own neighborhoods and tell the drug dealers they need to change their ways or change their address or we will do it for them. Take over our own lives, our personal responsibilities and commitments, say “It’s Me O Lord,” fix what needs to be fixed and move forward one day at a time doing the right thing.

I know what it means to be a patriot and an American and it doesn’t have anything to do with flag waving and political parties. It has everything to do with God, respect, personal responsibility, family and selfless service. Left, right, I don’t care. Stop the nonsense.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley

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