A few thoughts to share with your readers.

Predict that the current wave of sanctuary cities will wash away like a kid’s sandcastle at high tide when the people realize what it actually means for themselves and their families. When a local community is taken to court over their non-compliance with state law who pays? Doubt if the insurance companies currently covering counties will fight it and so it falls on the community to come up with the money.

Remember this is not like going to court for a speeding ticket and hiring a lawyer. It will be expensive — thousands of dollars expensive! So where will the money be found.

It will be found by the city/county leaders cutting funds for volunteer fire departments (your fire insurance costs could rise), police and sheriff departments will be told to drive their vehicles until further notice, recreation department programs for kids and adults will be canceled, etc.

For those that remember their high school government classes why, in all the hoopla about sanctuary cities/counties or assault weapon ownership did we hear nothing about ipso facto law — why not?

When it came to light that last year the education bill passed by the West Virginia Legislature omitted protection for LGBTQ students, our local Delegate (John) Shott said it was an oversight. So, now that the 2020 legislative session has started, I look forward to him leading the effort to include these students in this bill.

Bill Skeat


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