Last night I drove through downtown Bluefield, WV, to see what had changed since I have been away from the area for several years. I was confronted with unprofessional signs plastered in windows about the Bluefield City Board, parking and Art Riley.

How welcoming is this to local people or out-of-town visitors? Instead of negative remarks like this, why, is not more being done to bring Bluefield back to the beautiful city I remember?

Parking in any downtown is an issue. Where did the people park in Bluefield, when the city streets were so busy you had to step off the curb to let people pass? I can assure you they found places.

It is very visible all the work that has been done with the street lights, beautiful flowers and Chicory Square. The hard work and diligence of the store owners is evident.

I also understand the Downtown Merchants Association has installed security cameras to make it safer and more comfortable for people to shop.

Whomever the person or persons are who put these signs up should be asked to remove them. Surely the Bluefield City Board, Chamber of Commerce or the Mercer County Visitors Bureau does not see this as putting a positive message out about our Community.

Let’s see to it people want to visit and raise their families here. Please replace the signs with “Welcome to Bluefield”, we are “Open for Business”.

Rebecca Taylor

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