It was interesting today, June 6 “D Day,” to see the claim by the letter writer that President Trump is a “compulsive liar.” I’ve seen that claim before, and recognize that, like the lies force fed to the German population 80 years ago, a lie told often enough will eventually be seen as truth. In that case, not believing the lie often led to an abruptly shortened life expectancy. This is true particularly when no other opinion is allowed, as in a substantial majority of our mainstream media. There is no truth in the letter writer’s claim.

I hope that the history of Mrs. Clinton purchasing a fabrication, or lie, in the “dossier” about President Trump that occupied several years and perhaps $40 million tax dollars will be the next subject for the letter writer. Perhaps he can add some truth to that one. People in this area, I suspect, are wise enough to recognize the unreasoned hatred and bias, more than 90 percent, blathered by the “mainstream media.” Most Democrats would rather have a tooth pulled than watch Fox News or Fox Business, or, heaven forbid, Rush Limbaugh. Much of the younger population never learned, of forgot how to read. Our present government directed education system seems devoted to lowering that number further.

For all the talk of impeachment, there is yet to be anything other than opinion to convince any reasonable person that President Trump deserves impeachment, “jail time” (per Mrs. Pelosi), or that his “lies” are worse than the average run of the mill, like most of us not born angels. On the other hand, he has so far been a great leader for our country, against all odds.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va

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