Yesterday I read one of the most thought provoking articles I have read in awhile, it was written by Samantha Perry, editor for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. 

Samantha wrote with a truth and honesty that is seldom seen in today’s society. Her job is to write the truth, and the truth isn’t always pretty. Things will only get worse if people choose to stick their heads in the sand, so as not to see, or simply look the other way.

Samantha talks about writing her first report on child abuse, how it made her feel uncomfortable, and some readers were uncomfortable reading it. It will be a sad day when any of us become comfortable with child abuse. What these victims go through cannot be seen or felt by merely words. Innocent lives stolen, usually by someone they trust, cowards, hiding their motives, lusts, and sickening actions, preying on the weak, the trusting, or the scared. 

Samantha ends her story by calling abusers, vermin, which they are! And they can be anywhere. She says a reporter’s job is to shine a spotlight on the cockroaches in the corner. I say, “Keep shining that light Samantha!” As God’s word says in Matthew 10:26: Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed and hid, that shall not be known. 

Rosemary Haun

N. Tazewell