Seemingly, there is a “panic of dogs” that has struck our community. Three out of seven police blotters are concerning dogs. Someone heard a dog bark, another saw a dog walk by, another saw a dog without a doghouse. The list goes on and on.

It is like the dog has become man’s (or woman’s) worst enemy. The last article I read was that these horrible new enemies of ours killed a cat, and really harmed another one. So once again it is yelled, “Get rid of the dogs!”

W€, the taxpayers, are now funding a soccer field for the people held at Guantanamo for $744,100. Why does it not cost more than $750,000? — the answer is easy. Congress must approve moneys spent over $750,000. Then we would be able to question them on this. Can we say “Very slick, Congress!”

Why not send some dogs to the people held at Guantanamo? Aren’t dogs “man’s best friend?” Or, are the dogs also one of their worst enemies?

Are we quietly being used to get rid of all dogs — under the guise of being the dog’s best friend?

We hear how a awful is to see an animal killed. How dangerous it is for the “children” to have these mean dogs allowed to even live.

This brings me to abortion. These unborn babies are having their brains sucked out before their body completely leaves their “mother’s” bodies (partial birth abortion — for those who cannot handle the true meaning of the medical term) or the unborn babies that are being chemically burnt inside their mother’s bodies (early abortion).

Now, can we all say together “What about the children?’”

Vera Gillespie


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