I always look forward Tuesday’s paper to see what Mr. Shott has written about in his column. This week he decided to criticize President Obama for not going to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. No matter that the president was scheduled to speak at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Chicago. Unfortunately, this was rained out but the president did take time to meet with military families who had come to the event.

 In the same paper, on page A-5, his question was also covered. While Mr. Rieckhoff, “founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America,” raised good points about the need for the president to remind people that this “holiday was not about going to the beach, etc.,” he felt the president was missed at Arlington. Mr. Jay Agg, AMVETS spokesperson, also felt that Arlington is, “ideal for the president to observe Memorial Day ... However, his choice to honor our fallen at another national cemetery as other presidents have done is entirely appropriate.”

I appreciate Mr. Shott’s comments on the activities on other presidents on Memorial Day but I would also like share my comments on one president and that is President George W. Bush. For a president, who there is no record of having ever completed his Air National Guard enlistment, I believe it would be an insult for him to be a part of any ceremony honoring veterans and their service to America. I would also like to remind people that his opponent in the election served honorably in Vietnam and returned, under enemy fire, to rescue a soldier who had fallen off another boat.

 So, as to Mr. Shott’s last sentence in his article, I believe that President Obama was not “abandoning an American tradition and shirking his duty.” Rather he chose to bring further attention to the service these great men and women have done for America.

So, when you see a veteran, say thank you to them.

Bill Skeat


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