Nineteenth century evangelist Dwight L. Moody said: “Character is what you are in the dark.” Thanks to the EPA shutting down our local coal-fired power plants, our character is about to be revealed.

We know the Obama regime is forcing the closures, but there is more to this than the government and media are letting on.

They aren’t telling us that once these plants are gone, we will more likely experience brown-outs and controlled outages. The “powers-that-be” see us as relatively unimportant, and will direct electricity to “politically-important” areas. Less reliable electricity will make it more difficult to attract new businesses, or maintain existing ones.

If our coal industry survives the reduction in power plants, it will be to send our coal to countries like China, who unlike us will “burn it dirty.”

President Obama’s economic and environmental policies will reverse years of technological advancement. Think of the ways that electricity makes modern life possible, and what will happen if it becomes too expensive or unavailable. How can that be good for us?

Folks, we don’t have long to stop and reverse the damage that Obama is inflicting on America. This dismantling of our power grid is more evidence that so-called “progressives” are causing the downfall of our nation.

The 2012 elections will decide if “America remains a shining city upon a hill, whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” It is time to make a choice America! Do we allow Obama and his Democrats to put us in the dark?

Dave Cox

Bluefield, Va.

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