I grew up in McDowell County, graduated from Bluefield State and moved to Arizona in 1984 after completing graduate school and returning to the area for a few years.

Even then there was the talk of the brain drain for West Virginia, which meant that many of its college educated daughters and sons had to leave. At present a recent report ranked West Virginia 49 out of 50.

I have been reading the articles about the essential bans on abortions in West Virginia (the governor is wrong about reasonable exceptions) and wonder, have the folks who lead this state gotten so insulated and narrow minded that they cannot not see that laws like this will see more of the brightest and best seek greener pastures to places that are not living in the 1800’s?

What of all the women who don’t have the resources to go elsewhere to exercise common sense control of their most private and difficult personal decisions. God help us all!

Timothy Lusk, Tuscon, Ariz.

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