I just heard on the news this evening that while in France, Kamela Harris commented on the border crisis in Poland. If I remember correctly the Biden administration still refuses to admit that we have a crisis on our own border. Today it was announced that during one 14-hour period, four members of MS13 who had previously been deported were again arrested trying to enter our country.

The DEA estimates that the majority of illegal drugs, i.e. Fentanyl, cocaine etc., are smuggled across the border. The Governor of Texas just announced that he was deploying National Guard troops to the border to help the Border Patrol.

Inflation is running wild, the aftermath of the pandemic is horrendous, Parents are being arrested for voicing their opinions regarding what should be taught to our children in schools and I could go on and on. Benjamin Franklin was once asked if we have a Republic or a Democracy and he replied, “We have a Republic if we can keep it.” The great wisdom of our Forefathers. If we can keep it.

Mike Eades,


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