I would like to suggest that Graham High School’s colors be returned to the pre-1973 school colors of maroon and gray, with the addition of the current gold accent color. Thus, we drop the cardinal red, which the G-Men have never really adopted.

Here is my reasoning and a little history behind Graham High School’s rift between athletic and academic color schemes.

In early 1973 or late 1972, Coach Carlock was pursued hard to become the head football coach of the G-Men. One of his main requests for taking the head-coaching job was that the athletic team colors be changed to cardinal red and gold. Coach was a retired Marine drill sergeant — the Marine’s main color scheme? Anyone? Cardinal red and gold.

With his hiring, and his request being met, there were those within the Bluefield, Va. community very upset and opposed to the change and rightfully so. Thus, the divide formed between athletics and academics at our Alma Mater and has grown ever since.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Another tidbit, coach was the person that brought the G-Star design to our school. I do not know if he actually worked out the design himself or had someone else bring it to life. But, let’s just say, I and the other 20 football players present at its unveiling that summer knew something special was happening.

Let us heal the divide and teach our children: Together we stand as champions – we bleed maroon, gray, and gold.

Go G-Men!

Jeff Sheppard

Bluefield, Va