Spot on with your editorial opinion today (Nov. 13, 2019). My wife and I totally agree with the thoughts you expressed today regarding the alphabet networks morning show. What a waste of time! One positive and that is the Bluefield Daily Telegraph delivery by 6 a.m. providing local, state and national news with very little attention focused on the “celebrity of the day.”

Having grown up with our first televisions in the mid-50s listening and watching the hards news on a daily basis from the local NBC station (Today Show with Dave Garroway for the few of your readers who were alive then) was a treat and very informative. However, the show did feature a chimp by the name of J. Fred Muggs roaming the studio. Very, very little info regarding Hollywood celebrities and zero platforms for actors, actresses, musical performers and professional athletes to offer the viewer political advice.

Sadly, now even the local stations appear to join in the “Celebrity Parade” too often when they should be providing informative local news. Apparently a sign of the times. I don’t need to wish a happy birthday to a Bruce Springsteen or any other actor as the local anchors are prone to do on a somewhat regular basis. Thanks for the hard news and the facts.

Gene F. Bailey

Bluefield, Va.

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