The (previous letter) writer quotes the (Charleston) Gazette as proof the Republicans are ignoring facts, as somehow “pesky.”

Now, we all know the Gazette is an unbiased, neutral political publication. First, facts are facts, however pesky. I want to share some un-pesky facts with the writer. Fact: Comrade Schiff does not get to make up rules as he goes along. There is the “pesky” Constitution to be followed. Fact: Conservatives do not need a dictionary to explain corruption, another “pesky” fact. Fact: President Trump was vilified, pilloried and excoriated for colluding with Russia, which was a hoax, led by Comrade Mueller and the gang of nineteen. The real facts proved otherwise. Fact, obviously he takes the (reported to number 47 Republicans), as fact!

For someone who is a stickler for facts, I want him to list the 47 Republicans who are bi-partisan in this debacle. What “pesky fact” cleared the president of collusion? Fact, he was proven innocent, only “reported” guilty, big difference. Maybe the writer could get out his dictionary, and find out the difference!

Carl E. Calfee


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