I guess I am in the minority as I have been one of those few who watched most of this (impeachment) process who wasn’t required to watch it.

I am convinced that the Democrat House leaders should be impeached and removed from office expeditiously. I feel that they have abused their power by trying to impeach the president without due process for this charge. Not only that there is the fact that many in the House, including the leadership, have been calling since Trump was elected for impeachment without any basis, but to have a strictly partisan impeachment flies in the face of our Founding Fathers.

They have abused their power by not allowing the minority party their rights as per House Rules, the minority day to call witnesses and ask questions. They should be impeached for using their high positions to interfere with national elections in that by sending trumped up articles to the Senate, they have taken the competition that Biden has to face, off of the campaign trail, giving him an advantage.

Bet the Democratic National Committee is smiling. Not only that, they have said that he, Trump, needs removed from the ballot so that he cannot get re-elected.

On top of this, you have to be deaf to not have heard those House Managers say and do everything in their power to diminish, in the eyes of their constituents, those Republican senators who are running for re-election. I never thought that our legislative branch could stoop as low as they have. Lying and spouting off half truths and giving misleading information must be the law of the land in the House, or at least a requirement for Pelosi to give you a committee chair. 

Alan Webb


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