My son has attended the Salvation Army’s Child Development Center for the last two years, having previously been cared for by family members. You know that you have made a good decision regarding child care services when an attending child approaches you, during an initial visit, and tells you that your son is going to love attending that center. Which held true, my son immediately bonded with the center’s personnel and fellow children, to the point of wanting the center to be open on weekends. Captain Goldfarb and the board members decision to close the Preschool/Daycare Center is a significant disservice to the area’s children. The center’s Christian based values, education and love compare second to none. The center’s personnel love the children as if they are their own, to the point of spoiling them. I cannot express the heartbreak and disappointment I feel regarding the decision to close the center. Those responsible for the decision cannot have center age children or they would work diligently to save the center and build a solid foundation of values for our children to grow upon in a loving environment. My son is not only losing a daycare, he is losing an extension of his family. He loves the center’s personnel along with his friends. In closing, per my son’s request, I want to add his plea — “Don’t close my daycare!” Debbie Greer Kegley Thanks to Straley teachers I wanted to take a moment to formally thank the hard-working teachers at Straley Elementary School. Recently, my daughter and stepchildren attended the Spring Learning Academy. This was such a wonderful learning experience for them, as well as an excellent way to prepare for the upcoming WESTEST. Thank you to the teachers who assisted with this to make it a success. Every time I have been to the school this year, the teachers have always been so polite and friendly. As a parent, it is very heartwarming to know that our children are taken care of so well during the day. These teachers not only help to mold and shape our kids, they also care for their safety when they aren’t with us. Thank you for all that you do! Jennifer A. Cooke-McGinnis Princeton

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