I would like to respond to the recent letter, “It’s time to clean house in Bluefield.” As far as a new restaurant in Bluefield Va., what is the surprise? Bluefield, Va., is more business friendly than Bluefield, W.Va.

There are new stores and service stations in Princeton. If you haven’t noticed Princeton has Interstate 77 and capitalized on its location. Bluefield, W.Va., is not located geographically to benefit from this road.

The old Cox’s building: I know for a fact the investors are trying to secure funds for renovations, in the meantime they put up a construction fence for public safety that looks as good as this type of fence can look.

The National Coil building: I understand the people who bought the building have encountered environmental problems and halted work.

I fail to see any reason to hold our city board or city manager responsible for any of the above situations.

For I happen to believe Mr. Merriman is a good man for the job and if he is allowed to do his job he can help Bluefield.

I would challenge the writer to quit sending negative letters to the Telegraph and do as the Cox’s investors and myself, buy an old building in Bluefield, renovate and develop it into a new business for Bluefield.

Chuck McGonagle

Bluefield business owner

and entrepreneur

Time to address power rates

I read the article in a recent paper from another concerned citizen about the outrageous charges the power company is sending out to all local citizens.

I am 80 years old, a widow, live alone and on a very fixed income. There is no way I can pay what they are charging me and pay my water, telephone, medical and food bills and gas for my car.

I am living the same way I always have. I am not extravagant or wasteful; and try to conserve on all my utilities. I own a 2002 van which I use very sparingly because I can’t afford to just go for a Sunday drive any more.

Something has go to be done! I’m afraid this country has fallen into a hole that we will never be able to climb out of.

If there is a name list for protesters to the power company please put mine on it.

Joan Dougthon


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