How interesting it is to watch the price of oil each day and see how the local gas stations react. When the price of oil increases some stations appear to run races to see who can change their signs the quickest. On the other hand when the price of oil decreases are they are as quick to drop prices? Noooooo.

On April 29 the price of oil dropped over $3 a barrel but the stations around the Princeton area did not decrease their price one cent. The Go-Mart and KO in Green Valley actually increased their price 5 cents a gallon, so much for the price of oil.

When the local media inquires about gas prices the gas station personnel can give plenty of their excuses to rectify their gas prices. The stations in the Ambrose Lane area of Route 460 used to say it was because the cost of property in that area was more expensive, then in the past month the price of property around the Colony Center on Ingleside Road must have increased tremendously because at times they were higher in price.

In 2001 I could fill my vehicle’s gas tank for $12 to $14. Today it cost almost that much to fill my lawnmower. Since 2001 the price of oil has doubled, the price of gas has tripled. I call it price gouging. One way to get the price of oil down is do not vote for anyone who has holdings or interest in oil like they did for Bush and Cheney.

Joe Hampton


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