One hundred and nineteen of 134 West Virginia Delegates and Senators are Republican. I’m sure a handful are RINOs (Republicans Name Only) that don’t want to be left behind but the numbers are still overwhelming. The first day of the 2023 Session was the 11th of January and I wonder… is anybody paying attention? Does anybody care?

America is in dire straits. Our nation’s immigration system and southern border is totally controlled by Mexican crime cartels. Innocent American citizens are murdered at a pace of one every 5 minutes from Fentanyl poisoning — not overdoses. And every state, to include West Virginia is a border state. It’s not racist, it’s a war and we are losing. The good news is there is something everybody can do.

Republicans are traditionally considered ‘Law and Order’ and I think a polite reminder in the next couple of weeks is in order. It takes 5 minutes from anywhere to let your elected officials know what you are thinking. It’s not enough to just vote. You have to get involved.

Soft on crime, no accountability pablum.

Policies are destroying our nation and to tell you the truth, I don’t see anybody moving with a purpose. Make your voice heard and follow up.

The recent death of a Mercer County teen has brought attention to a bill that is collecting dust in the W.Va. House of Delegates Judicial Committee. This bill could seriously impact family assisted crimes that currently go unpunished. I encourage you to read House Bill 2151 and voice your opinion to all the committee members and your own delegate. Squeaky wheels get oil and an uninvolved electorate is un-American.

Time to get involved.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley, WV

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