With the pandemic still raging locally, it will be a little bit longer before local employees of technology giant Intuit relocate to their new Prosperity Hub in downtown Bluefield.

Those employees will continue to work from their home for the time being, John Miller, senior site director for Alorica, an international personnel management company that has partnered with Inuit in Bluefield, recently told the Daily Telegraph. Miller says all of the major renovations to the old Summit Bank building on Federal Street are now finished, but there is still some IT (information technology) work that needs to be completed at the site.

The Intuit employees have worked from home since early April 2020, but local training and hiring have continued throughout the pandemic.

Miller said the company now has at least 250 employees working in Bluefield, including managers and support staff. He says applications are still being accepted.

“Equally important is keeping our team safe during the pandemic,” he said. “We have our COVID protocols in place, but want to make sure it is safe to bring our employees to the building.”

The delay in getting the Intuit workers inside of the new Prosperity Hub isn’t surprising, as local virus numbers are still rising. Still it is exciting to hear that the new downtown site is almost finished, and that hiring is continuing.

Intuit has already provided a huge boost to the city, and once employees are working inside of the Prosperity Hub, the downtown area can expect to see a significant increase in foot and vehicle traffic. It will just take a little bit longer for that to happen now due to the ongoing pandemic.

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