Letter to the editor

My wife and I haven’t gone out a lot since the virus thing began except for appointments we need to keep, she does go out occasionally to pick up a few groceries. We did go out once to a garden center 2 weeks ago however to pick up some flower pots and soil. Because I don’t get around so well I stayed in the car. I sat there and watched other people shopping and could not believe what I saw. 75 percent of those people had NO mask on and most all were over 50. These people and all the younger people who go to the beaches and bars and then come home to their parents or their grandparents have got to be STUPID and the businesses that allow this should be made to shut down. The young people need to GROW UP and the older folks need to WISE UP. WEAR your DAMN MASK!

Ralph Walker, 

Chesterfield, Va

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