Letter to the editor

Several years ago, my wife, my sister-in-law and I went on a summer vacation to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We had a wonderful time visiting all of the shops and restaurants. In a small shoe shop I ran across a pair of Crocs, those very comfortable rubber shoes that are so popular. I saw a pair that had an American flag attached to the top of each shoe. With the black background, the flags stood out like a diamond in a coal mine. I loved them. Of course I bought them and wore them frequently.

Not too long ago I noticed that one of the flags had turned a bit so I sat down, removed the shoe and gently turned the flag. As I was looking at the shoe, I turned it over and there on the back it said “made in Mexico.” So my patriotic footwear was made in a foreign country. This required some thought. Instead of some American worker gaining income for his family and his community, the profit was forwarded to a nation and a people who were not my own! This was very disappointing!

Now I am not adverse to foreign trade but I am averse to not supporting the people who are citizens of and contributors to this “one nation under God.” I don’t wear these shoes as much as I used to. Under the circumstances of 2021, maybe we should consider what we are buying and what could be the result of strengthening the “global economy.” How many nations seem to live to bring America down, to put us into poverty and to ultimately rule over us? China, Iran and Russia would definitely fall under this ideology. Covering their lust for power and their desire to put America into poverty with the stars and stripes would be a very strong reason to purchase “Made in America” items. Let’s keep America strong.

No nation has done more to help foreign people in times of struggle than the U.S. of A.! From the Russian famine in the early part of last century to WW II to the efforts of many charitable organizations battling hunger and poverty throughout the world, America has stood out. We should remember, America has blessed the poor and the oppressed by the very blessings that the God of our founders has poured upon us. As Lee Greenwood said, “God bless the USA!”


Terry Kornegay, 


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