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A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about state health officials predicting a peak in the Delta variant surge in 14 days:

• Time for this guy to pull up his big boy pants and if the governor won’t do it statewide, implement a mask mandate for Mercer County — Bill S.

• COVID is going nowhere. Better learn to live with it for the next 100 years! — Bryan J.

• Barely a mask in sight! — Dave H.

• Mask mandates for Mercer County? Everyone is fine, they are doing this to take away your freedoms. Wake up guys — Jade A.

On a story about U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., seeking a “strategic pause” on the controversial $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill sought by majority Democrats in Washington:

• Time for Manchin to retire — Donald Z.

• Why are others so against this action by Senator Manchin? We really need to be spending less, not more … — Sheila K.

• If Manchin’s against it there must be something in there to help poor and/or middle class people — Matt Mc. C.

On a story about Graham’s football team opening with a win over Tazewell:

• They were fantastic. That defense is amazing — Tanya T.

• Love to see a repeat of the 2018 state championship! — Michael C.

On a story about retired State Police Sgt. A.P Christian taking a new post as chief deputy of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department:

• Excellent hire. Alan is a great man!— Chad W. 

• Absolutely agree with his thoughts on the cold cases! Glad to hear him mention them — Crissy K. 

• Congratulations! — Michelle W. 

On a story about Virginia removing the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond:

• I’d like all other history down since we remove one. All should be removed. Let’s not name bridges and roads after people in history by famous names either. Be fair. — Eva B. 

• Awesome! — Dave H. 

• Here we go again! — Mike D. 

• Liberals destroying our history — Vern B. 

• Shameful. It’s our history. We shouldn’t destroy history but learn from history — Zettie G.

• This is so stupid. That is apart of our American heritage. I don’t care how old or young you are. That is our history! — Abby D.

 On a story about no ICU beds being available at Princeton Community Hospital due to the ongoing COVID-19 surge:

• This is so sad and scary — Cynthia D.

• Sure hope no one has a non-Covid emergency— Bonita G. 

On a story about President Joe Biden mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for more than 100 million working Americans in the private sector:

• Not right. Doesn’t even stop you from getting it and they just keep releasing more kinds of it so it’s useless — Carrie M.

• One quote I didn’t see from the article is that Biden said that this isn’t about freedom or personal choice any more. I think that’s an important piece to include in reporting — Greg H.

• I got the vaccine but that was my choice and others have their choice. He is a flipping idiot — Delta F.

• I like the freedom of not being around someone sick — Rick G. 

On a story about President Biden moving to oust several Trump military academy board nominees:

•Another ignorant move — Carolyn T. 

•How many Obama appointees did Trump keep? — Willie J.

 •This guy needs to be impeached. — Rita J. 

On a story about most children in Mercer County returning to in-person classroom learning as opposed to virtual learning:

•Kids need in person learning — Dave B.

 •As they should — Mills A. 

On a story about prices jumping an unprecedented 8.3 percent in August as inflation puts the squeeze on American consumers:

• That meant that you spent $83 more last month for the same merchandise that the month before cost, if you have $1,000 income per month — Carl T.

• It sure did. All due to this demented president who thinks this is a dictatorship. Oh but people are safe from mean tweets — Lisa D

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