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A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore opposing President Joe Biden’s plan to monitor the transactions of all bank accounts above $600:

• It’s painfully obvious that the politician’s bank accounts are the ones that need to be monitored — Bill C.

• What they should investigate is how people in Congress make about $175K a year and in 5 to 10 years have a net worth in the millions — Dusty McK.

On a story about President Joe Biden not invoking executive privilege on documents related to former President Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol:

• Biden’s time will come. Let’s see Hunter Biden’s laptop and crooked Joe’s connection! No executive privilege for him then — Linda A.

• Why would he give Trump anything? Trump deserves prison and nothing more — Summer M.

• Is there anyone who will admit that they actually voted for Biden? Go ahead. Let us know! — Mike L.

On a story about how population gains could help fill local job openings in the months ahead:

• Higher wages are needed. There are plenty of people who can work, but they are tired of being paid so little. People balk at $15 an hour, but that isn’t even enough for a decent place to live — Jeff M.

• When you have businesses that require a degree and or experience for a job opening, then only offer to pay a candidate between $10 and $12 per hour, this problem will continue — Dusty McK.

• It might help if those “struggling employers” actually called people for interviews. They obviously need new hiring managers — Janet B.

• For years people have been telling retail and food service workers to find a better job if they didn’t like low wages or part-time hours. Well, guess what? A lot of them have, or are going back to school. Conservatives can’t keep blaming enhanced unemployment benefits at this point — Donald Z.

• How is this possible when we lost a congressional seat? Must be border jumpers being dumped here illegally. — Patrick C

On a story about Dr. Anthony Fauci saying it is OK for children to trick-or-treat this year, particularly those who are vaccinated:

• I’m just glad he let us have our breakfast cereal back — Justin J.

• No one cares what you have to say — Mary H.

• Don’t remember asking him — Bryan J.

• Nobody cares what you say at all anymore — Candy T.

On a story about Princeton moving ahead with plans for a new museum in the city’s grassroots district:

• Fantastic! When I visit other towns or cities, I look for the downtown area museums and shops. We need our downtown full of places to go also — Debra W.

• Museums don’t bring in money — Denisa P.

• They bring in people who spend money and if these museums make Princeton a point of designation, then it means money for motels, restaurants and other businesses — Bill C.

• Princeton needs some four-lane streets, traffic nightmare everyday — Vern B.

On a story about inflation increasing 5.4 percent as consumer prices keep rising:

• The mandates and rewarding those who do not want to work has done it’s damage — Dave B.

• And your paying everyone a living wage? — Karen C.

• Unexpected burst really! Wow. What did everyone think was gonna happen when they put this buffoon in office — Kenneth C.

• People don’t want to work for crap wages anymore and want to be treated decently. Yes you will always have those who live off the system, many have moved on to better jobs or taken the opportunity to further their education — Monk L.

• Prices rise globally as time passes. It wouldn’t be Trump’s fault and it’s not Biden’s. — Denisa P.

On a story about a vaccine exemption bill being introduced in West Virginia that would make it harder for employers to force employees to take the jab:

• He just goes whichever way the wind blows. Typical politician — Denisa P.

• How can a state do anything to supercede a federal order? Not arguing who’s right and who’s wrong just really wondering — Dana S.

• This is good because no one should be forced to do or take anything against their will — Chris J.

• No wonder we have one of the highest COVID cases in the nation — Tilda C.

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