Regarding the recent election for West Virginia’s Third Congressional District, I would like to ask my fellow Third District voters the following question: If you were running for the United States Congress would you draw an ethical line in sand that, during the campaign, you would not cross? I, for one — and I’m sure most people — would. In my mind, at least, there was no such line in this past nasty, sleazy, campaign. Is this really how a person should run for high office in the United States government? Obviously, the person that was elected thanks so. The citizens of this great country deserve better.

On a more local level, most, if not all of the races, were cleanly ran. I applaud and appreciate the candidates. I read a couple of post election articles in a recent Daily Telegraph edition. In one, state Senator Truman Chafin, who lost his re-election bid, was interviewed. Senator Chafin congratulated his opponent for running a clean campaign and wished him well. The other article was a long, detailed analysis of the U.S. Third Congressional election loss by Congressman Rahall. I noticed that Congressman Rahall didn’t express the same sentiment toward his opponent, at least not in the article. I don’t blame him if he does feel that way.

One last thought. I appreciate Smokey Shott’s weekly column in the Tuesday editions. His articles are very well researched and written. I would like to know what his thoughts are on how the past election for the Third Congressional District was conducted.

Billy R. Ball


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