Letter to the editor

I hope all of America has been paying attention to the tragic events that have occurred in Texas. You had better as it is what the Liberal Left has in mind for all of us.

This disaster was caused by a winter storm. Some say it was a 100 year event. If you notice these “events” seem to happen about every 10 years and if you don’t learn from them, well you are doomed to repeat them. Would you like to live through a week or more of freezing temps with no power and no water?

Texas’s problem was caused by below zero temps, snow and freezing rain. Sounds and feels familiar doesn’t it. The power grid there is a combination of fossil fuel power plants, which had their issues with the temps, and of course the undependable renewable solar and wind farms. Solar does not work very well if the panels are snow/ice covered, if it is cloudy or if it is dark and it gets dark every day. You have these things during a winter storm. The wind farms do not produce if the turbines are not turning. This occurs when the wind doesn’t blow or if the turbine blades get iced over to where they are too heavy for the wind to turn them. When they stop they get frozen in place by more ice so that they have to thaw out to begin functioning again. Which in Texas the thaw happened on Friday, more than 5 days after the problem arose. I have heard that the renewable energy source dropped from 25 percent to 30 percent of the available power to about 4 percent. The investigation will tell, if they are transparent. If this nation does what the Left, the Dems, Biden want, which is to eliminate all fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, then the problem will only get worse. Energy in the form of electricity, oil and gas either has a positive effect on our lives or a negative one. We get to choose by who we elect. Sounds like our nation may have made a bad choice.

Alan Webb, 


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