Another locality in our region is preparing to develop a dog park. The Tazewell Town Council recently voted to start working on a dog park in a flood zone area known as Dunford Park, which is located near the local YMCA and Tazewell Middle School.

“It’s a flat area, and we’ve historically used that area for sports practice like soccer and sometimes baseball and T-ball,” Tazewell Town Manager Todd Day said of the planned location for the dog park. “We’re going to put up some chain link fence and drinking water for the animals.”

The park will also have a station with supplies, including an area that lets owners clean up after their dogs. And if dogs get dirty while playing, owners will have a way to take care of that, too.

That’s because the dog park also will have a wash station that will allow dog owners to clean their pets before putting them back in their vehicles.

Plans are still being finalized, but the dog park as currently proposed will have an area of approximately 150 feet by 100 feet. There will be areas for both small dogs and large dogs.

The town hopes to start constructing the new dog park in July. Tazewell is funding the project with tax dollars, but anyone who wants to contribute funds can make their donations to the Town of Tazewell and mark it for the dog park. Contributors can get a tax write-off form, Day said.

There are a number of positives associated with this project. Dog parks benefit both pets and their owners, as well as those municipalities that are housing the parks. In addition to providing an environment for dogs to exercise and socialize, dog parks also help in attracting animal lovers and out-of-town visitors to the areas where they are located.

The dog park in nearby Bluefield has been very successful, although it is now being relocated to help make room for additional parking in the downtown area that is now needed to accommodate the 200 to 500 people who will be working at Intuit, Inc.

A new location has not yet been determined for the Bluefield dog park.

Still, during its time in the downtown area, the existing dog park has been a huge positive for Bluefield. City officials are expected to begin the process of finding a new location for the dog park in the near future.

In the meantime, we are glad to see that another municipality in our region is developing a dog park.

We believe the town of Tazewell can enjoy similar success with the project planned for the Dunford Park area.

We look forward to start of construction on this welcomed addition to Tazewell.