Bluefield Mayor Rev. Garry Moore, an inspirational voice of reason in Bluefield for more than a decade, submitted his resignation Tuesday from the city Board of Directors.

Moore, who has accepted a job with a company whose brand name is Better Trades, will be traveling across the nation three to four days a week beginning Aug. 1 Although he is resigning as mayor effective July 24, Moore will continue to live in Bluefield, and will remain as the pastor of the Scott Street Baptist Church.

Moore said one of the stipulations of his acceptance of Better Trades’s offer was that he would be home on Sundays in Bluefield.

Although his 10-year journey with city government is coming to an end, Moore said he is leaving the city in better shape today than it was 10 years ago.

We salute Mayor Moore for his decade of untiring service to Bluefield. For more than a 10 years, including two years as mayor, he has been a calm hand on a ship that has been forced to sail through unsteady waters. His leadership will be missed.

Thankfully, Moore will continue to serve his community and his congregation as pastor of the Scott Street Baptist Church. He’s also willing to help out in any capacity possible if called upon in the future.

“If this board, or any of the 130 employees who serve this city, ever need me for anything, I will always be there for them,” Moore said Tuesday. “I am eternally grateful for their love and cooperation during this 10-year journey. I have learned so much from them. I will always be there for them.”

Moore said he is leaving the city in capable hands with remaining directors Linda Whalen, who is the city’s vice mayor, Ron Crabtree, Jim Bailey and Pete Sarver. The board hopes to select a new member by August. Whalen will serve as interim mayor until the full board makes a decision on who will serve as the city’s new mayor.

While we do regret Moore’s decision to step down after more than a decade of steadfast service, we do respect his decision and wish him the best of luck with his new job. It’s also important to note that Moore still has two more board meetings left to chair before he officially hangs up his mayoral hat.

We will hold him to his word of being able to help out when needed or called upon — and we suspect the city will call upon his service again in the future.

Bluefield wouldn’t be the same without Rev. Garry Moore. His contributions to Bluefield, and his steadfast leadership during difficult times for Nature’s Air-conditioned City, will not soon be forgotten.

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