A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about thousands heading to a rally to see President Donald Trump, raising virus fears:

• Rioters and chaos doesn’t fit their narrative. It’s all hate Trump and American history all the time — Kenny L.

• If they die, they die. Same for protestors, church goers, movie theater customers, and anyone else who knows the risk and chooses to ignore it — Anthony M.

• So ... only churches and Trump spread the virus? Seriously? The protesters and rioters are immune? — Anne R.

• Why aren’t they worried about the protests and riots, many of the Democrats have told people to go out and do this stuff! — Dwayne S.

• Propaganda. To try and place fear in America.. Sorry but think Americans are bit smarter then you think. If riots are OK then Trump gatherings are OK. Common sense — Annie B.

On a story about protesters trying to tear down another Confederate monument in Virginia:

• Where is our justice system? Bring in buses and lock them up for destroying our historic monuments. Show them we need our history to learn by and let our children know this is not OK to do — Nedra A.

• It is beyond time to get this mess under control. These people need to get a job and move out of mamma’s basement — Candy T.

• Liberal Democrat mayors and governors letting protesters do as they please. See where this country is headed — David M.

• Good! Slam into a billion pieces and then set them on fire — Summer M.

On a story about Governor Jim Justice paying tribute to a lost McDowell County firefighter:

• As a mother of a fireman and a sister of a past fireman these guys and gals are heroes. They sacrifice many days and long hours to keep our lives and homes safe. Prayers for the Roberson family — Michelle V.

• Thank you Justice! I’m from a fire family and it’s a tragic event for all fire personnel to lose a fellow brother or sister. Thank you for paying a tribute to him — Jessica B.

• Prayers for the family — Will V.

On a story about residents being urged to reconsider traveling as the nation’s virus hotspots grow:

• The beach isn’t the problem. It is bars, clubs and attractions, etc. Folks can’t seem to just enjoy the beach — Jamie N.

• I love relaxing at the ocean, but I love my life more! — Sharon H.

• Yep. Pretty easy to find a beach that isn’t crowded. You may not wanna go and be elbow to elbow in a bar at the beach. But sitting on the beach away from people? I really don’t see how that could possibly be a problem — Joey B.

• We had a reservation for mid July but canceled after hearing about the outbreak there, not to mention all the violence going on — Judy P.

• I wouldn’t go to any tourist destination right now — Jamie L.

• ... I’ve already been to the beach four times since April with no problems at all! I’m buying a house at Myrtle to mostly get away from Northam and this liberal blue state of Virginia. South Carolina is a great red state with very few loonie liberals! — Larry T.

On a letter to the editor about school officials hoping to hear from parents in Mercer County about student reentry plans for the fall:

• For this remote learning process I hope you have a plan of providing internet access and devices to do work on! Not every family has either of these — Jennifer W.

• Kids can’t do social distancing or wear masks. They are impulsive and wearing a mask is uncomfortable and hot. Then you have the kids who are defiant. You can’t expect them to do it. So many people act like school is their babysitter and want them back in school no matter the risk — Helen L.

• What about Pre-K and K? Special ed students? Don’t expect anyone in those groups to wear masks in class or on buses. This is very worrisome — Velma F.

• So unless you pay me or my internet bill too they should be in school where it belongs and wear masks — Dee P.

• Send them to school on Mondays. Give them a package of work for the week to take home — Hudson R.

On a story about travel being to blame for an alarming surge in new coronavirus cases in Mercer County:

•  Are these “travel” cases residents coming back from Myrtle Beach, etc. or do they include people traveling through the area and leaving their infections here at local restaurants, motels, reaction businesses etc.? — Bill S.

• It will probably get worse. Many people still not taking the virus serious — Bonita G.

• Oh no, 5 people. I’m willing to get a virus with such a high recovery rate rather than live in fear until the government makes up some vaccine — Ashton S.

• It would help slow the spread if you named the towns as that would make people stay in. Also they would be more likely to wear a mask — Dena M.

• Everyone around here thinks it’s a “fake” virus — Lawrence M.

























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