A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice denying racism claims over his “thug” basketball comment:

• Why is this a story about the governor when the indisputable bad behavior was from the coach who had a confrontation with a fan and a police officer? — Bill C.

• “Thug” — a violent person, especially a criminal. How do you make that racist? Maybe he shouldn’t have used that word, but that is not racist. Conservatives or even if your a Christian are now labeled racists by the far left — Cynthia W. 

 On a story about President Donald Trump being acquitted on both articles of impeachment charges:

• I think all West Virginians should also be aware that our wonderful Senator Manchin voted guilty on both impeachment accusations. What an embarrassment to our wonderful state! It’s past time West Virginia voted a big no for Joe! — Savannah B.

•  We knew they didn’t have any evidence to convict him because there isn’t any! — Mary B.

• Checks and balances, democracy. The Constitution down the drain — Hoss K.

• Bye bye, democratic republic, so sorry, Founding Fathers. We have a king now. No more checks and balances for us. Regardless of which party holds the White House. The precedent is set that no one’s guarding the gate anymore. Shameful — Katherine D.

On a story about majority Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly advancing an assault weapons ban:

• Right to bear arms means all — Jimmy B.

• It still has to make it through the Senate. Hopefully it will stop there — Chuck W.

• Maybe, since they ignored the tens of thousands that gathered in Richmond last time, there should be a bigger, more adamant protest planned. Apparently, the state of Virginia isn’t concerned with the opinions of its citizens — Chris H.

• It gives me hope that lives can be saved by curtailing the number of guns available to would be shooters! Killings can be prevented! One child’s life is not worth any number of guns! — Freida H.

On a story about the Mercer County Commission voting to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary county:

• They need a re-election ploy. Do nothing and wave this hot button issue in front of you and say, “See we are pro gun, vote for us” — Robert W.

• What about voting on allowing the medical cannabis program in our county? When will that get a vote? — Dave I.

• We are a concealed carry without a license state. What’s the point in this? Re-election? Somebody’s jaw must be pretty sore for dealing with an issue that’s already been dealt with — Neal V.

On a story about the Twitter squabble between Democrat Joe Manchin and President Donald Trump after Manchin voted to convict Trump on both articles of impeachment, despite the fact that Trump overwhelmingly carried West Virginia in 2016:

• Manchin proved he’s not the independent person he claims to be. Schumer definitely got ahold of him during the impeachment vote — Bob S.

• Manchin why don’t you switch to Republican so you don’t have to be worried about being hassled? — Joyce T.

• They’re both a couple of grifters who couldn’t care less about us — Coty H.

• Trump as usual doesn’t recognize anyone with a brain or heart! Manchin literally saved miner’s health and pension funds by continuing to fight McConnell — Freida H.

On a story about probable cause being found by a magistrate in a Mercer County child neglect case in which a juvenile was allegedly forced to eat dog feces and drink urine:

• I’m watching to see if cats and dogs are more important than children. The penalty for child abuse should be greater than that for the abuse of an animal — Dena M.

• She will probably walk away with probation and eventually get her child back! — Amanda C.

 • Counting on our Mercer County Prosecutor to not plea bargain this case away! — Bill S. 























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