A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the U.S. economy shrinking for a second consecutive quarter, thus meeting the long-defined definition of a recession. However, the Biden administration says the U.S. is not in a recession:

• We’re way past “a warning sign” folks. Let’s be honest. In what should have been primed as a period of economic recovery, things are only getting worse, no matter what rose colored glasses they’re trying to hand us — Doug S.

• That’s not a warning sign unless your as delusional as the president. It’s actually the exact definition. A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters — Danny M.

On a story about President Joe Biden calling the $739 billion spending bill reached with U.S. Sen. Manchin a “godsend” for American families:

• Sell-out Joe (Manchin) must go! — Larkin R.

• Ya like inflation? Cause that’s how you get inflation — Brian C.

• God is not spending $739 billion dollars of taxpayers money. It is King Joseph D’ Delaware who is wasting taxpayers money and running our nation deeper in debt. And all the money in the world could not change the climate one little bit — Jim R.

On a story about U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., facing criticism for his support of a $739 billion spending bill sought by President Joe Biden:

• Manchin is just like the rest of the DC creatures. He doesn’t care the first thing about his working folks of his state — Delbert C.

• Yes you did, you can definitely be bought. Hey, it’s OK though. Hopefully this is it for you. You been there way too long anyway living off of the tax payers money — MichaelandReazhonda F.

On a story about major dam rehabilitation plans for three Mercer County facilities:

• Glenwood is starting to be a good bass fishery. I hope they restock it as well — Jason S.

• What are they gonna do with all the fish in Dan Hale when they drain it? Some of the best bass fishing there is — Daryn H.

On a story about President Joe Biden testing positive for COVID again:

• How’s the jab and all the boosters working for you now? — Pamela D.

• Biden is the only president in American history to have COVID-19 twice in his presidency — Delbert C.

• I bet he had a week before he tested positive the first time, the way he was hacking and coughing on that trip to beg for oil — Jeff B.

On a story about construction on the Coalfields Expressway in McDowell County beginning:

• The bridge to nowhere in Bluefield was money spent that could’ve helped on roads and bridges that actually lead to somewhere. The “ exit” off 460 has been closed for over 20 years yet a bridge to nowhere was built — Pat C.

• Why don’t you fix the roads that the floods washed away before you start on that project — Bonnie McC.

• About 30 years too late. The coal industry and the county are pretty much gone. The ones that wanted to leave have already gone — Randall D.

On a story about U.S. Sen. Manchin Joe, D-W.Va., announcing a deal to finish the Mountain Valley Pipeline project:

• Oh, now we know the rest of the story as to why he caved on Build Back Better! — Larry T.

• That’s the reason he sold out the working families. I hope he loses his job for hurting the folks of West Virginia — Delbert C.

• The pipeline should be in operation already — Bill C.

On a story about $2.2 million in federal funding being allocated for the Princeton multi-use community center project:

• We need a overhaul in the county council, start there. Vote to make change happen — Danny K.

• I think it’s a good idea, BUT, Princeton won’t bother to run the pool and city taxpayers are paying for that pool. They paid to have it built. Shameful. — Linda H.

• Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the Princeton pool been shut down for two summers now. Wouldn’t an investment in the repair of the pool be worthwhile to the community too. — Jeff B.

• There definitely needs to be a lot more for our young people and more diverse activities — Connie T.

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