A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about the death of Rush Limbaugh, one of the most powerful voices of American conservatism:

• Rest in peace — Richard G.

• I don’t really consider him the “voice of American conservatism”. I consider him a right wing extremist. I take no pleasure in his death and extend my condolences to his family — Scott M.

On a letter to the editor calling for free Internet service for all:

• How about ... no. Internet is not a right, it is a privilege. I expect they will be adding internet and cell phone plans to welfare here soon — Chlo R.

• So, internet would be free but people would be charged to “post to web pages?” In other words, pay to use the Internet. Got it — Donald Z.

On a story about U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., voting to convict former President Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., voting to acquit while still criticizing Trump:

• The reason that he wasn’t tried while in office was because McConnell wouldn’t convene the Senate to accept the charges while he was still in office. This gave these Trump bootlickers the way out. History will judge them — Bill S.

• A president can only be impeached if he is in office — Denny M.

• Let it go Dems. And govern now you have power, govern — Rusty P.

• Won’t vote for neither one — Kathy W.

• So she acknowledges that he was disgraceful and an embarrassment but he should get away with it because he is in your political party? — Joseph H.

• With senators like these two, it’s no wonder West Virginia is in the shape it’s in. I haven’t seen either of these two drawing huge crowds or parades held in their honor! — Mike L.

On a story about retailer Gabe’s creating 75 new jobs and opening its new Bluefield store on March 27:

• Need some new stores around here — Sandra W.

• Can’t wait. I love Gabe’s! — Jennifer T.

• Love Gabe’s too. Always go in Morgantown — Susan H.

• Love Gabe’s — Donna B.

• They are opening fast — Andrew L.

On a story about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, and other Democrats, pushing for a return to in-school instruction for students and teachers:

• Who cares anymore! He’s done drug it out long enough. Let’s keep the funny games and charades going. Why stop now — Cheryly J.

• I’m a Democrat but I am not happy about this. It’s way too early — Coty H.

• You still have the choice of 100 percent virtual — Teresa D.

On a letter to the editor that argues that West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s plan to cut the state income tax will hurt poor families the most:

• I prefer no income tax and raising sales tax. It just makes sense to me. Don’t penalize me for making money. But taxing based on how much we spend rather than how much we make seems logical — Ashton S.

• Bankrupt the state — Bill S.

• Yep! – Dave H.

• Cut welfare and SNAP — Mike M.

On a story about Bluefield City Manager Dane Rideout planning to take another position in North Carolina this spring:

• This is a major loss, he has changed the community — Dennis J.

On a story about Pastor Timothy Hairston of McDowell County thanking God for a second chance at life after a nearly three-week long battle with COVID-19:

• Sending prayers for complete healing — Melinda J.

• What a blessing. Continued prayers — Michelle W.

• Praying for a full recovery — Virginia W.

• Prayers — Patricia D.

• God is good — Inez D.

• Thank you Jesus — Valerie H.

• Prayers for continued healing — Lois H.

• God is faithful — Shirley T.

• May God continue to bless you and your wife — Melissa M.

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