Is the trashing of Donald Trump becoming the new national pastime?

James H. "Smokey" Shott

One of Donald Trump’s most disliked traits is how he responds to criticism, and how he fires back at his critics. You cross Trump, and you become a target.

Whether Trump’s penchant for name-calling is the main cause, or just a complicating factor, the people he has offended directly and indirectly have called him virtually every bad thing that anyone can think of.

Bigot, racist, clown, bully, Hitler. These are among the insults hurled at President 45. About the only thing he hasn’t been labeled as equal to, so far, is the Devil. This could be due to the fact that many or most of Trump’s critics simply don’t believe in the Devil, and calling him a non-entity, would be silly.

Most recently Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international anchor, pushed back the boundaries of good judgement and common sense, comparing Trump’s four years as President to the Nazis’ Kristallnacht attacks in Germany and Austria in 1938. 

Referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass,” Kristallnacht saw the Nazis attack Jewish individuals and communities. This time of terror, considered one of the darkest periods in history, reportedly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, and many more being put in concentration camps. Some 7,500 Jewish-owned businesses were attacked, and more than 1,400 synagogues were set on fire during the attacks.

Who remembers such atrocities during the Trump administration? Did Trump actually terrorize Jews? Or any group?

Of course not. In fact, he has supported Israel by moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, as some past presidents also promised, but did not do. He also has negotiated an historic peace agreement between Israel and countries in the Middle East. And his daughter is married to a Jewish man.

Amanpour effectively demonstrates the dramatic failure of today’s news and information media, diving head-first into the trash pile to find material she believes is necessary to convince her audience — which expects responsible, thoughtful commentary that will help them understand the world around them — that Trump is evil incarnate.

Is Amanpour saying this idiotic stuff because she actually does not know better? Or is she just playing on the tendency of her viewers to automatically believe her, and not look into her silly accusations to find the truth? Do they — Amanpour and the other main stream media folks that are constantly bad-mouthing Trump — really believe what they are saying and accusing him of?

Due to Trump haters in the media, academia and elsewhere, and Trump himself, a substantial number of voters did not support his re-election.

Trump has done some very good things, in addition to moving the embassy in Israel, in his four years. The economy strengthened during his tenure with tax cuts and deregulation, until the China virus came along.

He has improved employment figures for the nation, and especially for Blacks and Hispanics. He has appointed justices and judges who believe in changing laws and the Constitution through existing lawful procedures, not improperly doing so while on the bench.

He has strengthened the military, and opposed the magnificently foolish idea of defunding and reimagining the police. NATO countries have started to pay their fair share of defense costs, thanks to Trump, and some NATO countries have responded by increasing their defense budgets.

New trade deals have been made with Mexico, Canada, and China to the benefit of the United States. And Trump has caused the construction of hundreds of miles of border wall to lessen illegal alien entry into the country, and make trafficking of children and drugs more difficult.

He has taken a much firmer approach to Russia and China than any president in recent memory, or perhaps ever, increasing the U.S. Naval presence in the South China Sea, closing the Chinese consulate in Houston and several Russian consulates in the U.S. He also issued sanctions against several Russian agents who were up to no good.

Trump withdrew the U.S from the Iran nuclear deal that would have allowed Iran to build a nuclear bomb within the next few years.

And then there’s COVID-19, a topic rife with political posturing and point-gathering against Trump’s response to it. This novel coronavirus has even baffled the experts. But Trump quickly imposed restrictions on travel from China, mobilized military solutions due to the fear of too few hospital beds in New York and California, got American industries to fast-track the production of ventilators, as well as developing a vaccine, which is almost ready for distribution well ahead of normal vaccine production schedules. He wisely left decisions on closing down activities to local officials.

Demonstrating that the experts still don’t have all the answers months into the pandemic, comes this from Elon Musk. He took a test four times in one day and got two different results.

“Something extremely bogus is going on,” Musk tweeted. “Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD.”

Is Trump really the “existential threat” that we are repeatedly told that he is? It would be a shame, and somewhat of a national embarrassment if he is not re-elected because so many voted against his personality instead of for his policies.

James H. “Smokey” Shott, a resident of Bluefield, Va., is a Daily Telegraph columnist. Contact him at

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