A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a report about West Virginia Gov. Justice’s companies owing $2 million in Virginia tax debt:

• I wonder if his companies still owe taxes in McDowell County. Based on the financial situation described by the county commissioners in today’s Bluefield Daily Telegraph, they could surely use the money — Annette B. 

• But he bails out one of them (because) he owed them so he used our money to bail him out — Joyce T. 

• He needs to pay up — Jarrod J. 

• If a poor person doesn’t pay their property taxes, they sell your house. If a billionaire does not pay his taxes, no consequences — Neal V. 

On a story about McDowell County facing dire economic challenges due to a loss of jobs and tax revenue:

• But coal is booming again — Richard W. 

• Well it has finally caught up. Few people stopping business from coming in, depending on a few businesses to make ends meet. Never asking for our coal tax back. Not just a little amount. Guess commissioners will have to take a cut in pay — Gay B. 

• Shoot, beats paying all these property taxes. Let’s go unincorporated and only have to pay bills instead of taxes — Cortien A. 

On a story about more than half of the House Democrats supporting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump:

• He has not been found guilty of anything, he has done nothing for which they can impeach him. Please stop this madness and start actually working for your constituents instead of promoting your own agenda. We, the American citizens are sick of your wastefulness, senselessness, and foolishness — Charlotte F. 

• Other than the monsters that are profiting off this horrific administration, everyone wants his impeachment. They just don’t have the guts to go through with it because they only care about campaign donations. Being re-elected is more important than doing what’s right, because the moral choice would be to rid ourselves and the rest of this planet of the cancer known as Trump. He is a threat to every living creature on this Earth and that is a scientific fact — Summer M. 

• How about helping your district and focus on your job and let the man continue to do the job we elected him to do? Democrats have tried to impeach every Republican president since Eisenhower — Denny M. 

• They’ve lost focus. They have forgotten why they are there and who they are supposed to be representing. Get your mind off the president and on to caring for the people. You will resolve many more issues this way — Mona J. 

• I think the voters need to rebel against all this malarkey — Sunny L. 

On a story about two mass shootings occurring in Texas and Ohio in less than 24 hours with multiple casualties in both states :

• Something in our society has failed to where a person decides to go and murder defenseless other humans, adults or children, at their own choice. It is planned in their mind. These type of people buy protective bulletproof attire, type of a weapon and plenty of ammunition. They plan a place and time. Question in my mind is: Why do they purchase the protective equipment and attire knowing they will be killed for doing what they have done to others? Are they afraid of being shot and injured or killed? Do they think it will hurt? Do they think they can get by with mass murder? What has caused this type of insanity that we Americans are experiencing? It is not “guns.” It is a mental breakdown of human stability of what is right and wrong — Tommy B. 

• The police were the heroes here. Thank God for our brave police forces across the country — Zelma F. 

• Literally no other first world country experiences gun violence like we do. Why can’t we use the policies and regulations in countries like Australia as templates to get this issue under control? They have figured it out, and I fail to understand why we are so resistant to trying something new — Matthew C.  

• At some point we are going to have to realize that letting the dumbest morons on the planet have legal access to weapons of mass murder is not the best plan for supporting our right to bear arms. What was that moron doing with an AK-47? What was the other moron doing with a 100 round magazine for his rifle? These things should not be available to civilians. If they want to play with those things then sign up for infantry and we’ll support you for serving the country — Joe H.