A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Tazewell County becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary for gun owners:

• Great! Thank you Tazewell County for protecting Second Amendment constitutional rights! — Jo Ellen C.

• Way to go. Keep our Constitution strong — Joyce T. 

•  Ha ha ha. Just wow. Seventy percent of Americans support gun control (red flag laws and strict background checks) yet you guys are pushing the narrative “they going to take our guns.” If you are a law abiding citizen you have nothing to fear — Sarah D. 

• Get caught concealed carrying without a permit and tell me how Second Amendment friendly they are — Kyle T. 

• When Virginia takes them to court for refusing to implement passed legislation and they cut services to pay for defending their ill conceived resolution, then watch them yell and scream — Bill S. 

• Wow, more grandstanding. A total waste of time and energy. Virginia is going to pass some gun control laws and they will not infringe upon anyone’s constitutional rights. These Second Amendment Sanctuaries are just pandering to the biggest crybabies on the planet — Joe H. 

• Good for Tazewell County. Protect our constitutional rights — Coni S.

• Wonderful — Teresa M.

• Great! — Bobby G.

• Thank you Tazewell — Priscilla E.

• Smart county — Edward R.

• Breaking news. Tazewell County is a red county — Brent C.

On a story about more Virginia counties voting to become Second Amendment Sanctuaries:

• We the people are speaking — James B.

• They ain’t getting mine (guns) — Delta F.

• We cannot let the Democrats destroy this country from the inside — Dena M.

On a story about bond being reduced for a Princeton man charged with first-degree murder:

• I doubt anyone will give up 25k so he can be free ‘til trial! I sure hope not. They never get that money back, even if he shows up the bondsman keeps that 25k as interest for the rest of the loan — Kate M. 

• I pray these families remember, God knows the truth and if any vengeance, he will repay. God bless these families. This world is in a mess. God still has Judgment Day and not one soul will be exempt from that day! — Lilly C. 

• $250,000 is too low. He doesn’t deserve to be out at all — Matt McC. 

• End cash bail. Whether he’s out or not should have nothing to do with whether he has resources — Lee S. 

• Wow!! Way to go again Mercer County! — Rachel D. 

On a story about House Democrats moving forward with an impeachment report on President Donald Trump:

• An attempted coup unfolding right before our eyes — Duane S. 

On a story about West Virginia sportsmen groups opposing a national parks plan backed by U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and U.S. Senator Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va.:

• If I go to a national park it is to enjoy nature at it’s finest. Humans hunting the things that I look for to find peaces should not be allowed! — Karla J. 

• Manchin is pro-gun with his mouth but not with his actions —Duane S. 

• How many acres do the hunters have to hunt in versus the national park acres? Come on hunters, you know you are only going to ride your ATV a short distance to hunt at your baited tree stand and kill the first deer you see, no matter its size. The idea that you need hundreds of acres to roam to shoot your deer is something no one really believes, not even you — Bill S. 

On a story about the Mercer County Commission being asked to rescind a resolution honoring a recently deceased former county official who was also a convicted sex offender.

 • Several pants should be on fire as a result of their statements. Thank you Samantha for this article! — Bill S.

• Well I know nothing about this, but if he was a sex offender he certainly doesn’t need to be honored — Dena M.



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