A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about all volunteer fire departments in West Virginia receiving $10,000 in grant money:

• Good luck with that. Look what happened to the $100,000 dollars that went to each county for first responders. It was never given to them and he refuses to help EMS agencies across the state that are taking care of the COVID-19 patients. Thanks a lot governor — Ray C.

• What about the Heroes Act? — Allison H.

• Thank you Governor Justice — Teresa D.

On a story about two Democrats from Virginia, U.S. Senator Mark Warner, D-Va., and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, D-Va., introducing a federal gun control bill in the U.S. Senate that mirrors the recently enacted state law in Virginia:

• Any law that helps reduce the number of unlawful owners and guns is great! The 15 deaths in one shooting in Chicago should convince anyone — something needs to be done — Freida H.

• Gun laws only take guns from honest people, not criminals — Mike T.

• Take our guns. Do you really think the bad people will give up their guns? You just won’t have anything to protect yourself and home. The gangs will just have more power — Alice H.

On a story about the U.S. government signing a contract with a company for COVID-19 vaccine doses:

• When the vaccine is proven safe, I will get it. I get a flu shot every year and haven’t had the flu in years. I worked on a college campus, so I had plenty of contact — Sandy S.

• No. And it’s not political. Everyone wants a vaccine developed but because this will be coming out faster than normal I will wait to see side effects, etc., before I would consider it — Kim W.

• Not taking it ever — Angela R.

On a story about participants at a community swim night in McDowell County being asked to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms:

• At this point, I’m ready to accept that we just don’t care about human life if it gets in the way of our fun. That’s the new American way now? Fine. Funeral season it is — Ace B.

On a story about Governor Jim Justice dispatching National Guard troops to the Princeton Health Care Center in response to a major COVID-19 outbreak:

• This is why all of us are supposed to wear masks. The virus could have been picked up by a nurse after work getting groceries ... — Tony S.

• Whatever you may say about Jim Justice, he is always there to help. Think about governors and mayors in some other places (who) do nothing. Lived in West Virginia for 69 years, now in Virginia. Will trade you  — Carol B.

• Heartbreaking for those residents. Praying they all survive — Sandra H.

• Prayers for our National Guards too as well as these families — Barb T.

• The guard will be at the nursing home every Wednesday and Thursday to do testing. That is all — Nikki S.

On a story about 27 vacancies for special education teachers in Mercer County:

• This will continue until teachers are paid the way any other professional is paid!  — Freida H.

On a column written by James H. “Smokey” Shott about the need for the left to understand Trump rather than always criticizing him:

• Trump has done a great job as president and he will do an even better job the next  four years. We knew he wasn’t a politician before we voted him in — Beulah C.

• Trump is a business man. That is why our economy was doing so great. He has my respect and vote — Jurusha L.

• Hatred blinds people. Even Jesus could not make them see — Carol R.

• I judge the tree by the fruit it bears — Tony S.

• Trump doesn’t love this country! If he did, he wouldn’t allow Putin to put bounties on the lives of American soldiers! Trump only cares about enriching himself and his family members — Tim S.

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