On a story about President Trump, and First Lady Melania Trump, meeting Queen Elizabeth II:

• Melania looks absolutely amazing. So proud of our president and first lady — Carol W. 

• London’s mayor is a pain in the bum. He is a big part of the discord and havoc in their country — Kathy T. 

• They may have received a deafening royal gun salute, but the people don’t want them there — Michelle W. 

On a story about the McDowell County town of Keystone not being able to afford a timely fix for the municipality’s water service:

• Don’t look for no help from Justice. He is only worried about tourism, the ATV trails and $22 million to state parks. He has water so it don’t matter to him and it’s not only McDowell County and Keystone, but a lot of communities don’t have clean, safe drinking water. He will never get a vote from me — Allen A. 

• See the problem is everyone is so quick to point the blame at someone or something. Right now that is neither here or there, the water needs to be fixed. It’s sad that we’re in the 21st century and we still have basic water issues throughout this country. — Jerry M. 

• Time for an investigation on where and what the money collected goes for and see how many are not paying their bill — Timothy H. 

On a story about the W.Va. Senate passing the Student Success Act, a measure that opens the door to charter schools in West Virginia:

• The people in our government trying to pass these bills for charter schools are doing so to get pay offs from Betsy DeVos and the Trump Administration. Remember that. The Republican Party is for charter schools because it’s going to put a lot of money into their pockets. They do not care about the further damage it will do to our state and education, they only want the money. Read up. Open your eyes. And pay attention to who you’re voting for next — Marishka B. 

• Charter Schools are vehicles for con men to rob the public school system. Any moron that voted for this should be voted out in the next election. I see Chandler Swope voted for this. He needs to go — Joe H. 

• Guess the teachers shouldn’t have said no to dealing with them during this special session and tried to make them wait until January — Jean J. 

On a story about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announcing a special session of the Virginia General Assembly to address gun control:

• 2nd amendment is my gun permit. These gun control laws only hurt law abiding citizens because we all know criminals obey the law — Janel B.

• The shooter broke the laws already in place. So, how is yet another law going to stop this? The answer is, it won’t. It will only affect the law abiding citizens — John C.

• If you would put discipline back in homes and schools and we can teach kids respect. We would not have this problem. We are not our kids friends. We are their teacher. We don’t have to make them like us but teach them what love is and how to respect and know there is consequences for their actions. Simple as that — Dianna B.  

• Address the importance of all human life. The innocents that are slaughtered daily for no fault of their own. Guns are not the only thing that kills — Zelma F. 

• Politicians are so dumb, laws will stop nothing. When have you ever seen a criminal follow the law. Most of these people are mentally ill. Why can’t they do something to help them? — Sandra M. 

On a story about a plea deal being considered by the Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office only days after a couple were arrested in a felony child neglect case:

• There is no excuse for such abuse. They both need jail time and the child or children need to be taken away permanently — Nora N.

• Anything for money and some kind of accomplishment complex for the people that are representing the state to get these people back out the door quickly — Chad E. 

• Wow! I’m truly shocked at this. This is why people lose faith in the court system because of decisions such as these. These teachers took the time to document and provide proof on a silver platter nonetheless and because they had nothing on their record you get patted, not even a slap on the wrist, and told no, no don’t do it again — Rachel V.