A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On the Beaver-Graham game:

• Wooohooo! Go Beavers! — Marina B.

• Graham must be pretty good this year. Beaver only beat them by 37 points! — Charles D.

• Great game, great crowd! Let’s go Beavers! — Shannon O.

• Hey, did anyone tell Graham the game was tonight and not tomorrow! — Dreama G.

On where you were when Hurricane Hugo hit the region:

• It hit the day before my wedding! I spent my day at work covering computers and putting trash cans under roof leaks. My now husband almost missed rehearsal trying to get water out of basements and dodging fallen trees! I will never forget Hugo! Afterward [it] was very cold. Honeymooned at Mountain Lake and there were flurries! — Cherie A.

• I was at Princeton Community Hospital having my son! We did not realize there was a hurricane going on since we were in a birthing room, let alone the extent of the damage, until I had been taken to my room the next morning and turned on WVVA. Willard Scott was on the Today Show discussing how hard Bluefield, W.Va., was hit by Hugo — Kimberly S.

• My husband Steve and I lived in Durham, N.C., when Hugo came through. My mom and dad came to visit us that weekend, video camera in tow, to catch the action. We got nothing in Durham (to speak of)! Meanwhile, back at Mom and Dad’s house in Princeton, they lost an apple tree, a pine tree and some siding was damaged on the house! We have laughed about that one for years — Deanna L.

• I was attending school at Graham Middle. I think I was in 7th grade. I remember getting released from school early. — Russell M.

On whether you agree with President Obama’s call for a proposed “infrastructure bank” to develop shovel ready road and rail projects:

• Infrastructure has been ignored for almost 20 years, this will put millions of Americans back to work and off unemployment. The only reason to be against it would be that you hate America — Joe H.

On Bluefield Gas Company currently having a rate increase and decrease on the table, and the complex process of rate hikes:

• No, I don’t get the increase rate. I can barely pay mine now. I don’t need it to be any higher — Crystal P.

On whether you, or anyone you know, was impacted by Hurricane Irene:

• I’m from Bluefield, W.Va., now living in Little Egg Harbor, N.J. There is a tornado warning near Atlantic City. Winds are kicking up and it is gushing rain. The worst isn’t here yet. The major part of the storm should hit us in the wee morning hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. — Denise H.

• I have family and friends from South Carolina to New York, the ones I have talked to are OK. Still waiting to hear from the rest. — Tammy J.

• I’m from Bessemer City, N.C. (about 30 minutes south of Charlotte). All we got was some wind gust. All is safe, thank God — Terry S.

• I’m living in Greenville, N.C., and the storm has pounded us for hours today and now it is moving away. We have trees down and the power has been out since about 1 a.m. (Sunday) and we might get it back on by Monday. — Darrell P.

• I’m just south of Richmond. Our whole city is a wreck. No power, trees and lines all over — Cathy N.

• Irene is with us here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland as I write! — Nora H.

On what you think of “unschooling,” a practice that lets kids learn what they want, when they want, without the compulsory classroom:

• I found this article interesting because I, too, am often frustrated with the public school system and in the area we are in, there aren’t many other options. I understand the theory behind “unschooling” but don’t necessary think that the freedom of the program is necessarily the way to go either — Heather M.

• It isn’t fair to the child or the other kids — Barbara S.

• Then they would be worse than they are now. Like cavemen or something. — Tina S.

• Appears to me these children will have a harder time when grown. This theory “only doing what interests you or you enjoy” could cast over other areas of life. Like work, nutrition, spiritual life, relationships ... I don’t know of any employer that gives the option of “unworking” ... Interesting idea and article, none the less. Thanks for sharing! — Brooke D.

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