A selection of comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about President Joe Biden announcing the creation of a commission that will study expanding the Supreme Court:

• Leave well enough alone. The founding fathers knew what they were doing – Carolyn T.

• Sure, so they can load it with liberals — James B.

• And the hits just keep on coming from this idiot! I have now figured one thing about him and it’s a sure fire way to tell if he is lying or not! His lips are moving — Larry T.

On a story about Virginia law enforcement officials expressing concern about the legalization of marijuana in Virginia come July 1 of this year:

• Get ready. Kinda sounds odd as pot is already happening and never stopped. The real problem is the deadly drugs that’s on the streets. That’s what’s needs to be focused on — Connie H.

• Just think you may meet your friendly area dopehead while driving to church on Sunday morning. This baby killing idiot governor has to go! Legalize dope, save the criminals and kill the unborn children. Typical Democrat — George M.

• Better find another way to line the pockets and stop worrying about pot! — Eddie D.

On a story about U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., being critical of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plans:

• So, does she consider expanding broadband to rural areas a “leftist idea?” Of course that would expand opportunities to everyone and we all know Republicans do not like people being equal — Bill S.

• I’m against fixing the roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, fire departments, police stations, electrical grid, broadband access. I am with Shelley, I do not want millions of Americans to be put back to work with this bill ... — Joseph H.

On a story about a new plan that provides cash, and free recreational passes, to people who agree to move to West Virginia:

• No one will live in West Virginia and raise a family here until public education is improved, quality health care is provided and we have 21st century infrastructure — reliable, high speed internet and cell service!— Deb McC.

• West Virginia has hard working smart people. Needs to focus on job training, solar, 5G, etc. Jobs of the future.. — Gary H.

• You wanna pay people to move here, you should start paying them to stay! Like the reason so many are leaving is because there’s no jobs here! And I’m grateful for what all is coming to Welch but like you can’t raise a family on it. We need jobs. Pay the working men and women that’s already here to stay — Angela W.

On a story about U.S. health officials, along with West Virginia and Virginia, pausing on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to reports of blood clots, including one death in Virginia:

• Only six people out of seven million doses had blood clots so your odds of getting blood clots with the J&J vaccine is less than 1 in a million! I like them odds, it is definitely worth the risk — Larry T.

On a story about a large solar farm set to bring 250 jobs to Buchanan County, Va.:

• Glad to see the construction jobs, but has anyone thought this through? Seven hundred acres for 60mw output? Is this guaranteed output or optimal conditions output? How is this environmentally friendly? — Bill C.

On a story about the Freedom from Religion Foundation cautioning the Bland County sheriff about religious posts on the sheriff’s department’s official Facebook page:

• As a citizen of Bland County, it saddens me that we “might” have people that are offended by the posts from our sheriff’s department. And they would go to an outside organization rather than be bold enough to speak for themselves? — DuaneBrenda B.

• Everyone is entitled to express their beliefs in an appropriate forum. This is not an appropriate forum, remove or face legal consequences — Doug H.

• It is so wonderful to allow one state to dictate what happens in other states. Seems they have enough problems of their own. But unfortunately they will bow down just like Mercer County did. After all isn’t that the American way now? — Tranessa C.

• It’s sad when people can’t find anything better to do than cut somebody down for a post that’s not hurting anybody at all — Jeff W.

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